【Review】Baldur's Gate III - part 2

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Okay, since the Bahamut's officers ignored my report, all I can do is to write another article to continue the last review I had not finish.

The most frightening thing is that unnecessary "political correctness" has been added to this game, which forcibly rationalizes homosexuality, and even makes all the partners bisexual. In my opinion, it is just an excuse for the screenwriter to save work. Abandoning the social plot of pure friendship is the biggest blow to the gameplay of this game.

In addition, there are really too many homosexuals that players will meet throughout the game, and there are too many homosexual-related plots, which makes people feel very contrived and very politically correct.
I don’t understand why game design must be politically correct? It’s not like we’re doing politics! It’s completely unacceptable.

Game designers themselves should have some professional awareness. How can they let these unreasonable ideas affect their own creation? It is extremely unethical for politically correct ideas to oppress artistic creation. This is the worst situation in which civilization is going backwards, and the best example of excessive freedom oppressing the freedom of others!

Also, it’s a little bit too heavy taste, is it necessary to add a romance element to a Githyanki partner? Although players can create a Githyanki race to play with, the players themselves are fully human! By analogy, does it mean that after Larian Studio adds an orc or even a troll race as playable characters in its next D&D work, it will also add romance plots for the partners of these races?

Even in the previous game, "Baldur's Gate II", BioWare didn't list all the companion characters as love interests for the player protagonist. There is no need for Larian to do this, not to mention what's going on with such heavy taste? Is this considered politically correct? Or have these people gone too far with political correctness?

In addition, I really don’t understand why there are various races wearing nose rings in a classic RPG game. As far as I know, there are no such chaotic trend and pop culture similar to like primitive people or modern hippies or punks in the Forgotten Realms.

It can be seen that the designers of Larian Studio have brought this second-class culture that is only available in the real world into this fantasy country without authorization, but in my opinion, this is just polluting the fantasy worlds. Since the original author of this D&D stories did not create this trend for it, others should not add this kind of thing to it without authorization. What’s more, as mentioned before The same goes for gay plots. There is no need for such "political correctness" in the world of D&D!

Regarding the cons I mentioned earlier, some players may think that cons 6 to 8 are just criticisms of the 5.0 version of the rules and should not be included as shortcomings of this game, but let me make it clear here.
Does this game use D&D 5E rules? right? So why can't it be included in the cons of the game?

Yes, I have listed some parts of the design that do not comply with the rules of D&D as shortcomings. It seems to contradict the previous sentence, but I am reviewing this game as a professional "computer gamer" , not as a fan of D&D tabletop games. From a purely gameplay perspective, I will regard any design that will reduce the fun of the game as a shortcoming, regardless of whether it complies with D&D rules or not.

Of course, since this is a D&D game, as I said before, it should comply with the rules of D&D, otherwise there is nothing to say if it is scolded (unless it follows the old version rules, games with old versioon rules naturally no need to use the new version of the rules. for example, the previous game is a game with the old 2E rules), so as I said before, the 6 to 8 shortcomings listed are all criticisms of the 5.0 version of the rules. This has nothing to do with contrary to my position.

So the conclusion is that as long as the game applies the 5E rules that make the game more fun, then that is what it should be. If the game applies the 5E rule that will made the game less interesting, that is the con of the game; in contrast, as long as the game ignored the 5E rule but it can make the game more fun I will still consider it is a pros. On the other hand, if the game used a design that does not comply with the 5E rules and reduced the fun of the game, then I am sorry that I will only scold it harder.

If any player found any design in this game that does not comply with the 5E rules and is more interesting than the 5E rules, I welcome everyone to leave a comment below and I will definitely not hesitate to include it in the game's pros list.

Finally, Larian Studios has responded to the player's question "Why does "Baldur's Gate III" not have "Dispel Magic" spell?"
He was talking nonsense and making excuses about why he couldn't do it because there were too many types of spells.

There are so many D&D games and their designers, why is it that only you cannot design "Dispel Magic" spell in your "Baldur's Gate III"? Fortunately, BioWare made a bunch of other "breach" type spells in "Baldur's Gate II" that can 100% dispel the enemy's protective spells to prevent the player from having a lower level than the opponent and making the dispel magic ineffective.
As a result, Larian Studio simply abandoned this spell and will not give "Dispel Magic" to players. "Bite me if you don't like it!" This is their current attitude.

In any case, as designers, they have no intention of taking responsibility for the games they design. With this attitude, how can players support the games they create? And can’t this attitude be said to be arrogant? It started to expand because of the success of the Divinity series, right? Can they start not taking players seriously anymore? What is arrogance? This is arrogance.

To refuse self-improvement is to degenerate oneself. Similarly, Chinese people also have an idiom called "Learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will retreat."

There is no humble job, only humble work attitude, and our work attitude depends entirely on ourselves.
——Elbert Hubbard, "Attitude is Everything"

Although I mentioned earlier that some bad designs or bugs have been corrected or corrected during the time I was typing this review, this does not mean that Larian Studio is not arrogant. They should fix those bugs every day It's just what every game manufacturer should do.

Obviously, these people have become overconfident and think that their ideas are right, so they add so many things to a D&D game that are not in line with D&D rules at all, and even started to write the plot of the game without even bothering to take the time to understand the plot and setting of "Baldur's Gate II".

The most ridiculous thing is that the three gods of death in the basic D&D "Forgotten Realms" story setting all killed without knowing that they just blindly wrote of the plot. Is it a joke that these gods are long dead but still have followers?
Of course, it's okay for some people to insist on believing in dead gods, but they certainly can't draw divine power or get protection from the fallen gods. The strange thing is that the game still allows them to receive all kinds of inexplicable divine blessings. Larian's cheating power.

Maybe there are indeed many players who have never been exposed to D&D games and simply like their design style to play this game. Unfortunately, for players like me, I cannot accept their opinions on game design that with a self-aggrandizing attitude. If there is a sequel, at least I won't buy for it.

Of course, if players are not interested in D&D games at all, then I have nothing to say, but players who at least know a little bit about board games should know that board games are about following the rules.
If you are playing a board game today and the DM ignores the rules and fairness and hosts the game, I believe you will definitely flip the table in this game. The reason is the same.

Designers can have their own ideas, but based on professional quality and professionalism, they cannot ignore the needs of players, otherwise they will bear the consequences at their own risk, and this review is my answer to them.