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God's Baroque Ticket (02) 上帝的那張芭樂票(02)

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God's Baroque Ticket (02)

Author :Kai-Chi Chang

What a brave man! In order to insist the truth, he refused to bow to authority, even sacrificed his life.  However, Bruno and Galileo are in the same era, insisting on the same idea and advocating the same doctrine. The only difference was that Galileo wrote the repenting statement under the Holy See’ despotic power at that time. Galileo promised not to preach his idea to escape the persecution. The hard-core Bruno calmly chose to die unyieldingly. Even after 350 years later, these two are still treated differently. Galileo finally has been rehabilitated, but how about Bruno?

It is hard to imagine the standard of the Holy See, and it is hard to imagine that it is still unfairly treated. Perhaps it is because the Holy See really took Bruno’s hardline attitude to heart and was not able to forgive him. Not like Galileo, the Holy See won’t give him a very later rehabilitation, and intentionally make him full of regret, and never turn over.

Of course, after 350 years, the Holy See has had such a different treatment for Bruno and Galileo. We can see that the Holy See is just not introspective, but even wants to preserve the authority of the Middle Ages. They just follow their own likes and dislikes to assess these scientists. They absolutely do not allow the world to question and challenge theirs actions. It is also the authoritarian style of "going with me, or against me." Only what the Holy See said or did is the truth. All others are heresy, so until the 21st century, the respectable and pathetic Bruno is still a heresy that cannot be rehabilitated. If possible, they may burn Bruno server times more!

As for "salvation," It is similar. Counting from the time Jesus was crucified, ascended to heaven, and returned to God, it is about two thousand years.  Jesus and his father, God, had long enough to stay together, did they? Even they are planning the so-called "global people's overall redemption plan", is the time long enough? But why didn't there be any actual action?

Think about it. Since the redemption is what they promised to humanity, how many Catholics and Christians have been convinced of God and Jesus over the past two thousand years? How many devout believers are suffering from hunger, plague, natural disasters, man-made disasters, wars, political persecution, and so on, even before they are about to lose their lives, they are so eagerly awaiting the redemption from God. Did they eventually get?

No! Not only not at the time, but also not for now?

Look at the six million Jews who died in the Nazi concentration camp in modern times, the plague that killed one-third of the population to the medieval European Black Death, and the millions of people died under holocaust of the former Soviet Union’s Stalin era, so many souls have been smeared in the past two thousand years. How many families have broken, how many of them are absolutely convinced and longing for God's redemption?

What is the result?

No redemption! Humans have waited for thousands of years, but what they are waiting for is a baroque ticket that will never be fulfilled.

This check has not been honored in the past. It cannot be cashed now. What about the future? Of course, it will not be honored!

So, instead of passively waiting, is it better to rely on ourselves?

Only by being self-reliant and self-defensive, practicing "self-protecting yourself" and "human problems are solved by human beings ourselves" is the most practical and correct outlook on life. It is the fool’s idea and the behavior of a coward to blame one's own suffering or human incompetence on the God that does not exist at all. This kind of person leads a life of vain and it is meaningless.

One third of the European population died of the Black Death. What is God's redemption? Are those who are dead are sinful villains? For thousands of years, what is the "savior" that Judaism, Christianity, and Catholicism expect?

The answer is that there is no "God's redemption" and there is no "savior". It is not just a deliberate deception fabricated by religion, but most human beings are also used to indulging in self-deception.


















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