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God’s baroque ticket 01 上帝的那張芭樂票(01)

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God’s baroque ticket 01

Author :Kai-Chi Chang

Judaism, Catholicism, and Christianity emphasize "the redemption of God," that in the judgment of the last day, these good suffering people will be redeemed. However for more than three thousand years, the so-called "redemption" has never come.

The late justice is not justice, and the late redemption is not redemption!

For example, at 9 o'clock in the morning, there was a child who accidentally fell into a pond that was enough to make people die. He was crying for help. The situation was quite critical, but there was only one farmer passing nearby. This farmer is young and strong, and he is good at swimming. He clearly has the ability to save the drowning boy. However, he did not immediately go to the rescue. Instead, he said to the little boy in the water: "Wait, Wait, I am busy going to the field to weed, probably at noon to finish, and when I come back, I promise to save you!

Never lie to you, you have confidence in me, so don't yell again! “.After the farmer said that he went to the farm directly and didn’t look at the boy any more.

Of course, this is impossible. However, the so-called Redemption of God has always been done this way. For thousands of years, from the Bible to the church, even Jesus himself has repeatedly promised humanity. The "redemption" will come, but even from the time of "Jesus ascended to heaven", but today, two thousand years later, this so-called "salvation of justice" never happened.

Let’s talk about a real example, Galileo, Assuming everybody know him.

He is one of the best scientists in the human history. Not only did He invent the telescope, confirmed Copernicus's heliocentric theory, but also published many amazing theories. However, since 1616, because his theories were not compatible with Holy See’s religious philosophy, he was treated as a heresy. He was arrested and sent to a religious court for trial. Although it was not subjected to a cruel fire, it was forced to write a statement of repentance, acknowledging that his claim was wrong, and could not advertise the heliocentric theory for the rest of his life.

After that, His freedom was restricted and he was placed under house arrest until he died in 1642.

Later, in the Roman Catholic powers, the era of religious trials ended. The science is developed and people get better education. So far, nobody believes that the Holy See’s original claim that the earth is the center of the universe, and the majority of the world no longer believe in the Creationism in the Bible. However, how did the Roman Catholic Church response to that?

The Church just keeps silent to deal with all the incredulity.  For Galileo, just recently, 1984, the Pope John Paul VI admitted to the whole world that the persecution carried on Galileo was wrong. At the time, the move got many people’s acclamation.

I don't know if these people understand what they were acclaiming for,or they were just satirizing the Holy See? Because Galileo lived in the seventeenth century and passed away for three hundred and fifty years, his bones almost changed to fossil. Until the end of the twentieth century, the great Holy See suddenly remembered what he had suffered, and redressed the issue. They reluctantly admitted the mistakes of that time.

Come on, is this too late?  For such a large religion with such long history, it is hard to image that the introspection ability is so weak. Whether it is the physical problem or the brain is so rigid, to take three hundred and fifty years? It’s not three hundred and fifty days! In these three hundred and fifty years, has anyone in the Holy See ever thought of this again? Or simply forget that there is a scientist named Galileo in history? Why did Galileo rehabilitate after three hundred and fifty years of delay?

If such a rehabilitation, and acknowledging that the religious trial and persecution of Galileo was a wrong act, is a kind of "justice", what kind of justice is it? Why? For Galileo himself, who was seriously persecuted in the past, his descendants and others who was also persecuted, could they benefit from that kind of false “justice”?

What is the Holy See’s purpose? To show that Holy see will also progress? They also know how to introspect? They know how to admit their mistakes? Or their original teachings will also change with the pace of the times?

In my opinion, the suddenly action that the Holy See recognizes the religious trials and persecutions of Galileo were wrong, is meaningless. It does not help the so-called "justice". However, this action is good evidence that the teaching of the Holy See is out-of-date. Their ideas or practices are all three hundred and fifty years later than the times.

If they are introspective and have the courage to change, then such an admittance should happen at least three hundred years ago, and how can it be "suddenly" awakened by the end of the twentieth century? Probably in the three hundred and fifty years of the Holy See, everyone was sleeping and dreaming. Then, in 1984, someone in the Holy See suddenly woke up and suddenly thought about Galileo. After realized that the religious court had made a mistake, then they rushed to give the Galileo the opinionated justice rehabilitation.

When they wake up, human beings are about to enter the 21st century, but they were still sleepy and living in the seventeenth century. We have been in the current era for 350 years, and the progresses we made in the human civilization and science are so huge that it is hard to measure.

With such a serious ideological gap, what can they teach us?  What else do they want to master or control?

Moreover, if someone is still fascinated by the Holy See’s public confession to the world, then let’s look at another example of the same era as Galileo.  The situation was similarly wronged, but the end is worse. That is the Bruno, the last scientist who was burned to death by the Holy See, and he was alive when got burned.

Bruno (1548–160) was the most outstanding scientist and natural philosopher of the Renaissance. He was born in Italy and went to the monastery when he was young.  He was dismissed and deported from the country because his held opinion contrary to the Catholic faith. He was forced to wander in foreign countries including Switzerland, France, Britain, and Germany for fifteen years, until he returned to Italy in his later years. At last he was arrested by the Inquisition and was tortured in prison.

Bruno has "On Cause, Principle and Unity, 1584 ", “On the Infinite, Universe and Worlds, 1584”, and "The Heroic Frenzies, 1585 ".

In his view of the universe: there is only a change in the style of the universe, and there is no strict creation, destruction or death. Everything is actually indestructible in terms of its physical (quality), and he thought that life is transformed into death, and death is transformed into life.

The main reason why Bruno was subjected to the persecution of the church was that he had proposed a cosmology that completely violated Christian doctrine after Copernicus; because the Christian doctrine of the Middle Ages insisted on Aristotle - Ptolemy's geocentric, which said the earth is constant for the center of the universe.  In order to escape the persecution of the church, Copernicus published the heliocentric theory until the death, which means that the earth lost its position in the center of the universe. Bruno’s view is even farther, and it is also closer to the fact. He advocates infinite cosmology; not only does the earth not be the center of the universe, nor the sun. Therefore, the theories are inconsistent with the medieval Christian church, and he is not tolerated by the church.
He was convicted by the Roman Inquisition as a heresy. After being imprisoned for eight years, he was still reluctant to admit his “mistakes” and refused to give up his doctrine to yield to the church. He was cruelly burned by the church in Rome's Campo de' Fiori on February 17, 1600. But before the crucifixion, when the Roman church read the verdict to him, he still shouted: "Perchance you who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it”.



























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