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The goal of life 生命的目標

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The goal of life

Author :Kai-Chi Chang

Here we are not talking about "the purpose of life" or "the meaning of life". There is a difference in meaning that is easy to be vague and misunderstood;

Assuming we are talking "the purpose of life" is, it is about the final result of life.

Assuming we are talking about "the meaning of life" seems to be talking about the true essence of life.

And "the goal of life" is relatively short-stage and can be divided into stages;

Regardless of whether there is a "life" in a planet or a galaxy other than the Earth, assuming that there is indeed an alien life, it can still be applied to most of them.

For all life in the earth, the first important thing is “to be alive”.

Don’t ask why.  Almost all the lives will not ask this question.  It can be said that all the creatures are fighting for “to be alive”, without exception. regardless how hard it is.

So what is the goal of "to be alive"?


Any form of "foraging", whether it is herbivore, meat, omnivorous, parasitic, symbiotic, etc., is just a means of maintaining one's own life, but it is not a real goal.

As a result, the real goal is to mate and breed. Whether it is sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction, fissiparity or heterosexual mating, the ultimate result is to reproduce the species.

Since “to be alive” and foraging are only for Reproduction of offspring, then the generations continue to proliferate one after another. What is the ultimate goal?

Modern biology tells us the answer full of rationality and Disenchantment: evolution.

The evolution of living things has an absolute relationship with the environment in which they live. Therefore, as long as it can survive, this kind of species can remain unchanged for millions of millions of years, becoming a so-called "living fossil".  Once it is not suitable for the environment, it must change to survive. These changes could be gradual or mutation. In order to survive, Life is so adapted to the local conditions through the way of reproduction, and therefore, that is why there is such a rich diversity of creatures in the Earth today.

We can assume that if the living environment lasts for hundreds of thousands of years, then what will life be like?

Nature does not need to change, but creatures are limited by the limited life of the body. So the survival of the species continues through generations of generations.

However, in fact, this is impossible. Earth, as a planet, is not yet fully stable, and is still undergoing dramatic changes. It is almost impossible for all living creatures stay same without evolution.

However, evolution is still only a process or a way of seeking for survival. It is still not an end or a goal.

On this ever-changing earth, all the living creatures are seeking evolution ways to survival. Not only must they adapt the different terrain, climate, humidity, sunlight, moisture, air, etc., but also they need compete with other kinds of creatures and even similar creatures. The so-called the “weakest goes to the wall”, the survival of the fittest.

Therefore, it can be said that all creatures in the Earth are striving for the most suitable and most favorable living space. As you can imagine, every species hope they become the "Earth hegemon". Other than the natural changes, they hope there will be no other competitors threatening the survival of themselves (and ethnic groups).

Of course, there is no need to deny that human beings are the only hegemon on the Earth, after countless ever-changing incidents. There are no competitors, and contestable species in the foreseeable millions of years, if there is no natural large-scale extinction change.

However, all living creatures, including human beings, have not stopped the evolution. Human beings have progressed from the most primitive and simple "to be alive" goal to "safe, comfortable, rich and happy living".  Furthermore, we are seeking to "freedom and living by independent will ".  However, obviously, this is still not enough to satisfy the desire of human beings to "Free and comfortable forever and living by our own independent will". Therefore, material civilization is advancing with science and technology, especially in medicine and biotechnology. Human beings can say that they have begun to escape the "evolutionary law" of natural law limits, and they are separated from the "evolutionary tree" of earth species. Although no one knows the general direction of where the future of mankind will go? However, it is an indisputable fact that human beings and other species have parted away and gradually diverge away.

Of course, what's more important is that humans have found a way to live for a long time with another form of life.  That is, "the soul will not die after death" and we can survive in the various of areas of the spiritual world, including heaven, hell, spiritual area like human society, better area, worse area, and some higher level spiritual world. Souls could even evolve to “energy state”, which is not only more free, but also more arbitrary.

However, these are only one goal after another for human beings, but they are still not the ultimate goal. What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of human life?

Life happens by chance, and human beings have been evolved by chance.  Human’s history is about seven million years, and it is only a matter of recent time compared with the history of the earth 4.6 billion years. We accidently became the hegemon of the earth species, and we jumped out from the evolutionary tree of this planet.  We are on a path with no road sign, no end, and we have no idea what the road is. (More correctly, there should be no ready-made road, just a boundless Wasteland)?

In the human world, there have not been any great prophets, and there is no such prophet who could provide a perfect plan or road map for the reference of all mankind. Therefore, the current state of mankind is really " To cross the river by feeling the stones." We are following the trend, step by step, no one can predict the long term future of human physical life and technological civilization.

Will the technological weapon accidentally destroy the great future of mankind? Or is a highly intelligent robot going to end a relatively incompetent human species? Or is alien civilization going to destroy humans on Earth?

Maybe, human beings can arbitrarily transform life forms and continue to survive in other time and space, until unknowable forever?

What do you say?
































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