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Fake fear, swindle power 假造恐懼、詐取權力

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Fake fear, swindle power

Author :Kai-Chi Chang

Fear is the instinct of all living creatures, and it is also necessary to escape danger and maintain life safety. Fear and Psychological caution are instinctive mechanism, so they are functioning all the time, just to a different extent.

The instinct fear of all living creatures is related to injuries, illnesses, pains, deaths, and does not require an actual physical harm. Just "imagining" can lead to fear and even serious fear.

Human beings are one of the natural species, and we also have the instinct of "fear." However, because we have more imagination and creativity, our fears do not only arise from actual harm, but also the imaginary, self-inflicted or fictional hazards. More importantly, some fears introduced by fictional dangers that are told by others, after exaggerating, alarming, and repeating, could be strong as thousands of times as the fears caused by the actual harm.

In the human history, beside the fears from natural disaster, fears caused by political and religious reasons are everywhere. These political and religious fears, caused by artificial lies, are thousands of times stronger than fears of actual harm. This is also the basic trick that all political ambitions and religious leaders have always used to manipulate people, obtain interests, and swindle power.

The following description may not apply to politics completely, but all the religions have been built on “fear of mind” since ancient times.  Because the fear instinct is functioning all the time and continuing to operate. As long as the proper falsification of danger and the claim that only devout faith can provide protection from harm, then this religion may last for thousands of years or even longer.

Religions may last for thousands of years, but a dynasty can not last so long. The fabricated enemies/dangers for politics is not permanent, and they need be replaced from time to time.  Once a loophole occurs in the process of replacements, the dynasty may be broken.

However, these dangers/disasters fabricated by religions, such as “End of the world”, “Doomsday judgment” ,” hell torture”, “dangers of devil”, and “the arrival of savior”, are not limited for a given period of time. These lies are safe even though they have not been and will not be fulfilled.

Some radical religions are ready to deal with apostates, skeptics, critics, pagans and atheists by bloody killings. By interchangeably applying this kind of terror of physical harm and the fears introduced from fabricated dangers, this type of religion may sustain much longer.












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