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On the human path-------- 在人類的道路上--------

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On the human path-------- 在人類的道路上--------

Author :Kai-Chi  Chang

If we take all human beings on the whole planet as a category, the whole human, including each of us, are actually very lonely and panicked.

Because, after our evolution diverged from other species, we don't have any guidelines to follow, and we don't have any clear goals. For the other species, they only need to evolve according to their natural instinct and try their best in the free competition. They are unable to think about the future, and have no need to think.

However, human beings are in such a special situation. We do not have the urgency to evolve for subsistence, since most people have enough food and other living goods, under the modern social distribution system. Most people could survive very well, and humans don’t have any natural enemy in this planet. Therefore, after creating material civilization and spiritual civilization, we are focusing on a more advanced area, human’s personal intelligence.

However, such development is unprecedented on the earth.

There is no precedent to follow. There is no experienced father or older brother who could remind us at any time, or pass on their personal experience to us. We also have no enthusiastic neighbors to consult.

Therefore, for a very long time, human beings have been figuring their own way out on their own. We must rush to make progress and make bold progress. However, we do not know where is the right direction? We also don't know if we are taking the right path.

Therefore, starting from prehistoric humans, we were always making mistakes, and we were always stumbling. We are always in the pain and bleeding. Caressing the wounds and repenting, we realized that so many people got killed in unnecessary struggles.  We stupidly eliminated many wise and intelligent prophets. We have killed so many intellectuals. We have forbidden many correct suggestions for pointing out the way. ---- And we have launched all kinds of wars, big and small, even the world wars that have caused loss on both sides. We have put so many precious resources on the development of sophisticated weapons to kill humanity. Then, after the bonfire subsided, we start repent with piles of corpses.

There is no father who can remind us and there is no mom who takes care of us. So in the lonely, ignorant and embarrassing situation, based on the instinctual needs and desires, we foolishly created the illusory Father and Mother God. After all, these are just some idols made from paper and grass, which can neither give us any correct guidance nor protect us from the damage of natural disasters. Actually by manipulating these gods and idols, and fooling kind people, some evil people obtained luxurious interests for their own, and lead mankind to wrong direction with huge risk.

Today, we are still groping with stumbling paces.

The ignorant war could erupt at anytime and anywhere with tremendous damages. The two sides of the war try attack the other side just because both sides is mistakenly sure what they believe is the truth.

The various religions that worship the virtual gods are still manipulated by a few people to fool most people. Many precious resources are wasted on the “lighthouse” which is believed to be able to give people right directions. However, people are misled on the wrong road and forced to continue on that.

Humans have been struggling for tens of thousands of years. Until now, we are still in the fog, not sure about our direction. Do you know if the path that we are trying to clean in front of us is correct? Do we know the destination for human?

However, just like a blind man on a blind horse, we continue to develop sophisticated weapons, and we want to develop human cloning. We like make human-animal hybrid, and we want to control greater energy of the nature. We want to travel through time and space, and we want conquer the universe.

In fact, how many people know what they are? How to position ourselves in the universe? Even many people have never been able to truly become their own masters, they voluntarily to be servants of various virtual idols/gods. There were some people who believe they were born to reign, they are fooling many people for their own interest, by manipulating these idols/gods.

On the other hand, confused with the future, some people choose passive and pessimistic attitude for life. They abandon everything and abstain from action.  Keeping silence and inaction, they believe they got the ultimate truth of the universe. However, in such a vivid world, what they are doing obliterates the intrinsic values of the all life.

It is because we have no fathers and brothers to remind and guide, we have indeed made so many mistakes. We have wasted a lot of energies and materials on the unnecessary struggles and ignorant beliefs. So many innocent valuable lives were sacrificed in these struggles and we lost so many excellent talents.

However, the past has not been forgotten, and we have learned from that. Some mistakes are inevitable, let’s calm down, take a breath, and cure the wound. We need face all the historical mistakes, and begin to seriously ponder. Human should be more rational to deal with our future and the whole universe. With cautious attitude, choosing right way to, Human should evolve to high level. Starting from the moment, opening a new era of “human rationality", focusing on the future of human beings, the most special species of the earth, together we should bravely take the first step in the right direction, for our future descendants.



















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