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[達人專欄] 【Kantai Collection】《K.I.S艦隊調查局-極短篇》(Thanksgiving)

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Kantai Collection_非史實篇


The weather was so cold that I won’t stop shivering, even if I constantly moved around in circle. If I just stand still, I will only feel colder. Basically, I walked around feeling like an exhausted human ice cream cone.  

Not only that, the full blast of icy wind made the situation worse than ever. I felt cold, lonely and a bit worried. Not frightened! I rejected the word ‘‘frightened’’.But worry, definitely. I told myself that everything was fine, yet when I heard the small sound of foot step coming toward me, I looked up with a certain eagerness.

Although it was 11:30pm, the dim street light revealed a person’s figure in the dark. That body did not show the bulk of a man; it was quite short and gracefully slender.That along with the beauty of face and the presence of almost waist length dark hair gave that person a totally feminine appearance.

It also made her seem all the more vulnerable for that femininity.

She was a stunningly beautiful girl with a one-sided, front-of-the-shoulder loose braid. Her blues eyes, the color of ocean, shone on me warmly. Her straight dark hair, the color of clear night sky, shone in the streetlight. She was dressed in black business suit that incorporate a matching skirt.

She was, I thought, much too beautiful a face for one so obsessed with her duty and nature. Though if I speak out my mind, people will think I am a sexist man.

The girl gave me a warm smile as she approached. However, I noticed that her eyes were slightly unfocused, as if she were under a lot of pressure lately.

In fact, that was probably true.

‘‘Shigure…’’I whisper her name and said ‘‘are you alright, my Sweetheart? You look beat. ’’
‘‘It's just another day in paradise. ’’ The girl with loose braid, Shigure, replied me.‘‘overtime, like usual.’’

‘‘You are talking about five hours of overtime. That’s insane, Sweetheart! ’’

I stood looking down at this 5 feet 2 inches tall girl, her blue eyes tired, and she nodded in reply.

‘‘I know. Let’s just go home.’’ She got on the front seat of my car with no more words. She did not even throw a glance at me!

‘‘If you say so...’’

On the way home, Shigure was nodding off, and couldn’t even keep her eyes open. We drove home in complete silence and it was almost 12am when we arrived.

We lived in a small community located east of Irvine. Not a lot in terms of entertainment going on; nevertheless, we have a quiet and safe neighborhood here.

Right after I opened the main front door, Shigure imminently headed toward to the bathroom.  The sound of running water came out. I stared at the closed door and wonder what to do for a while.

With a small shrug, I decided to lie down on the bed and wait.

When Shigure showed up again, I was surprised that she still had her white blouse on.

‘‘Aren’t you gonna take a shower? ’’I asked her.
It felt like hours before she finally spoke up: ‘‘I am tired today.’’

‘‘Well,taking a shower may help you feel better.’’

‘‘I am very, very tired today. ’’She said with a sigh. ‘‘Tomorrow is holiday anyway.’’

At the meantime, Shigure unbuttoned top two buttons and took her glasses off. She then laid herself down to sleep.

Again I admired her figure; her arms were toned, and a belt accentuated her small waist. Her legs were bare beneath her skirt, not incredibly long but slim and firm.

As if she could sense she was being watched, Shigure turned her head to me.

‘‘Why?Anything you want to tell me?’’ She asked.

‘‘I am just thinking how pretty you are.’’ I gave her a straight answer.

With Shigure, I wanted to tell her she was beautiful –simply to see if I could make her bashful.

Shigure smiled at me, though the exhaustion was clear on her face as well. That was just a polite smile, nothing more.

‘‘Well,I need to go to bed now. Good night.’’ She hid another yawn while she faced the other side of the bed.

‘‘Not so fast, my Sweetheart.’’

I moved my arms around Shigure ‘s waist. I then leaned forward to lay my check against her head and kiss the pulse right behind her right ear. I ran my hands on her flat stomach.Her skin was warm and soft.

‘‘Stop it, Honey. I really need to sleep. ’’

Suddenly, Shigure struggled to free herself from me. I felt disappointed when I released her silk-like body.

‘‘Come on, this is the third time you reject me this month.’’ I said to her.

‘‘I am sorry…just not tonight…tired…tomorrow is thanksgiving…’’ She began to mumble already!

I let out a deep sign.

I found my relationship getting a bit distant recently. Shigure was getting more and more overtime at her work. She spent way too much time in her unit than before. Besides that, she had a male boss. I believed that he was an admiral or something…

I shouldn't tell her; there was no point ill telling her; it would be cowardly to suspect her; and our relationship would be in an awkward and difficult position if we don’t trust each other.

I kept telling myself all that and it did no good. I wanted to let it out. I wanted part of it off my own mind.

I will ask her tomorrow…

It’s thanksgiving anyway…

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