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since 既然
at first 本來
Beware of 小心
what a真是
Think of想想
at least 至少
it's a pity 可惜
sooner or later  遲早
despite 儘管   不管
if 如果
even if 雖然 即使  
thanks to 多虧
luckily 幸好
Could it be that  難道
It's rare that 難得
as to  說到 至於 關於
as expected 果然
it seems 好像   似乎
no wonder難怪
according to 根據
due to由於
except 除了
at first首先
after all畢竟
per 按照
it turns out that 原來    
so 所以 因此
I'm afraid 恐怕
at times 有時
beside 何況
end up 結果
whenever 每當
plus 此外
then 那麼
There is no need何必
What if 要是  萬一...怎麼辦
Only if 只要  只有
unless 除非
once   一旦   有一次
hopefully 希望
That way 這樣  那麼一來
Supposedly 據說  被認為是
Ever since自從
such as 例如  
what about 不如

As it is 看樣子
premise is  前提是 ㄆ如ㄟ米死
in theory 理論上
in principle 原則上

by the way順道一提
most of  大多數的
in a word 總而言之
It is by no means 這絕不是
either way 不管怎樣
Returning to the main point 話說回來
In comparison 相較之下  肯配如兒神
In that case那樣的話 既然如此
in the beginning 在一開始
even so 即使如此
as you see 如你所見
With things as such 事到如今
I never thought 沒想到
just the thought of it 光想到
On second thought不過想ㄧ想
Think of it this way這樣想好了
If I had known 早知道
I should have known我早該知道
I knew it 我就知道
I could 我本來能
I was going to 我本來要
original 本來的
It happens to silver naturally銀器本來就會這樣
It's always been 本來就

I was wondering我正奇怪
The last thing I want   我最不想要的
most 大部分的
it is a so-called 這就是所謂的
Mind if  介不介意
As if 說得好像  搞得好像
See if 看能不能
What is especially galling is that 更可恨的是
once upon a time 從前從前
For all I know就我所知
Personally I think我個人認為
The point is重點是
Does this mean 這是不是意味著
The last few years最近幾年
Back then 那時候
Just the other day幾天前
Not long ago 不久之前
you know the saying 你知道有句話叫做
Just the opposite剛好相反 阿ㄅ日ㄟ
on the contrary 相反的
not only that 不僅如此
at the mention of一提到
but for 要不是
If that's the case如果真是如此

ironically 諷刺的是
Surprisingly 令人驚訝的是
above all最重要的是

basically 基本上
in fact事實上

During...   在...的同時
In terms of.... 就...來看   要說
the way i see it 依我來看
the....you are referring to 你指的...
Depending on...  視...而定

for my part 對我來說
in other word 換句話說
I dare say 我敢說
So you mean that 也就是說
As a whole 大體來說
to be precise 確切的說
In a way 以某方面來說  可以這麼說
Usually 一般來說   平常
briefly 簡單來說
Overall 整體來說
By rights照理說
strictly speaking 嚴格來說
Frankly speaking  坦白說
properly speaking 正確來說
roughly speaking 約略來說
generally speaking 一般來說
it goes without saying that 不用說

even  連   

considering  考慮到
suddenly 突然地
clearly 顯然的
In the end到頭來
what about  ...如何
as far as...go 就...來說
on average 平均
Are they不是嗎
Didn't you對不對
No longer不再
just 只是
Considered to be 算是
clarify 說明

Think of...as 把...當作
managed to 好不容易才
more or less 差不多
we are bound to我們 一定會
never mind 不要緊
take out 拿出來
being 被
feel free盡量

on the one hand...on the other hand   一邊是...一邊是
too...to  太...以至於不能
not only....but also不但...而且
not...but  不是...而是
rather than...should 與其,不如
prefer..to.. 寧願....也不要
treat....as  把...當作
I...while.. 我一邊...一邊
So...as to 如此...以致於

so that以便

don't dare 不敢
Kind of有點  算是吧
as soon as 一...就

used to  以前習慣(現在戒了)
is used to 習慣
get used to 適應
get tired of 厭倦

nothing beats   .......最有效
likely 有可能
A string ofㄧ連串
In total  總共
how about   .....如何
up to now 到現在

judging from 從...看來
in turn 如此一來
In such a在這
we must at any cost 我們不惜任何代價也要
pleasure to 很榮幸
Had the gall to 居然有膽子

I'll see about 我看能不能
one more 又一個
sort of 差不多是
apparently 顯然
less likely to 比較不
After you are done looking through the paper 你看完報紙後
The rules stipulate that  規定要
Finish up 作完
Self esteem自尊
Piling it up here堆在這裡wary of
Out of line 放肆
let alone 更別說

Turns out變得


how could you 你居然   妳怎麼能
you might as well 你乾脆 不如
Can't but 不得不
Can but 只好
Can't...too 怎麼...也不為過

I can't help 我忍不住
I did 我明明就
I thought  我以為
I'm dying to 我很想
it hit me that 我突然想到
I often 我常常
I seldom  我很少
I Assume 我假設 耳輸恩
I heard 我聽說
I found 我發現
I figure 我估計
I wonder 我想知道
I happen to 我碰巧
I had better 最好

keep an eye on  注意
before 才去

come up with  提出
hardly...when  一...就
previous 之前
then afterward 接下來
must be 一定是
still 還是
or 不然, 否則
ban 禁止
better  改善
doubt 懷疑

in a hurry 急忙的
have been 一直
turned 剛滿
directed against 針對

plus 而且  此外

via 經由
per 依照

all kinds of 各種

supposed to 要
reveal 露出了
cause 引起  導致
was about to 正要
put off until 延到
take turns 輪流
take shape 實現
behind ...的後面
somewhat 有些
keep on 不停的

if 是否
include 包含
Instead of而非   與其
depend on 取決於
become 變成  變得 適合
walks over to 走到
seems 似乎
toward 對...
walks past 經過
more likely 比較傾向
ensure 確保
accompanies 伴隨著
signify 表示 行你ㄈㄞ
Least likely最不可能
Most likely最有可能
within  在...之內
also 還有
even 根本
last 持續  上一個
realize 了解到

at the latest 最晚
some other time 改天
awhile 一下
先   in advance
on and off 斷斷續續
In the old days在從前
even since 從那次後
long ago 早就
some time back 前一陣子
by accident 意外的
as ever 跟以前一樣
at first sight 第一眼
for ages 很久
in shame 羞愧的

at once 馬上   同時  
in an hour 一小時後
with hatred 仇恨的  黑tree
Too far太過火
enough 夠
then 到時候  那時候
at heart 內心深處
on my own 獨自
at a time 一次
anymore 再
without rush 不急的
soon 很快
As much as possible 盡量
earlier 剛才
so far 到目前為止
with curiosity 好奇的  Q如一阿捨梯
Better than that 更
specifically 特別 死P希free可李
nowadays 現今  這年頭
into the ground 太過頭了
over and over again 反覆地
in line 排隊
in time 及時
by now 現在
until then 到時
in a row 連續    成一排
Over lunch在午餐時
with pride 驕傲的
with terror 驚恐的
behind closed doors 私底下
Back then那時候
in a twinkling 轉眼間
For a while好ㄧ陣子  一會兒
That way這樣
in an instant 在瞬間
Isn't it不是嗎
Just at the thought of it  光想到就
at last 終於
Early on早就
These days 這年頭
In the future未來
The time before以前
right away 立刻
for now 目前
at all根本
on time 準時
regularly 定期
Just at the thought of it 光想到
with all my heart 衷心
soon or later 遲早
from then on 從那時起
in the first place 在一開頭

Anyway總之   反正   到底是
Before long 不久之後
by unknown reason 因不明原因
From time to time ㄧ次次地

on purpose 故意
separately 分開來
Up ahead 在前面
first 先
in peace 好好的
in passing 順便
nearby 在附近
all over the place 到處
ahead of time 提前
with ease 輕鬆的

for a long time 很久了
in the long run 從長遠來看  終究
any minute 隨時
carefully 仔細的 小心的
beforehand 事先
on an impulse 一時衝動
For nothing 無緣無故的

lightly 輕輕的

with reluctance 勉強的 依依不捨的  如一拉克騰斯
hastily 匆忙的 黑死ㄊ李
easily 輕易的
or so 左右(ex:一小時左右)
and so on之類的
on one condition 不過有一個條件
A while ago不久之前
Are you pulling my leg你在玩什麼花樣  你在開我玩笑嗎
Are you free? 你有空嗎
Are you up to it 你真的要這樣作嗎
Are you into games 你對遊戲有興趣嗎
XXX are nothing to mess around with  XXX根本碰不得
a poor change 機會渺茫

believe it or not 信不信由你
But it doesn't seem right 不過這樣似乎不太對勁
be my guest 別客氣
Better yet還有更好的辦法
be a little open mind 放開心胸嘛
But think of it this way不過這樣想好了
but as it happens 可是不巧的

Couldn't be better好的不得了
catch your breath 喘口氣
could you do me a favor幫我個忙
Couldn't be better好的不得了
don keep me waiting long 不要讓我等太久

don't give me that 少來
don't be such a stuffed shirt 別這麼臭屁
Don't lose heart別灰心
don't give them a hard time 別為難他們
don't fall for it  別上當
don't jump to conclusions 別太早下結論
don't be a spoilsport 掃興的人
Don't play the goat別耍白痴
Don't get me wrong 別誤會我的意思
does it work 這樣有效嗎
Does it bother you會讓你不舒服嗎
Don't give me wrong別誤會我的意思
don't overwork yourself  別把自己累壞
don't mention it 不客氣
don't stand me up 別讓我久等

Ever thought of that 想過這ㄧ點嗎
excuse me? 有事嗎
enlightent me 你說來聽聽
exactly  沒錯!!!

fear not 不用怕

get out of here 少來
Gone off the deep end太過火了
get to the point 說重點
get over yourself 清醒一點吧
Go on a diet節制ㄧ點
Give it a shot,it can't hurt試看看,無妨

he got cold feet 他怯場
His delivery is just so dynamic他的表達方式活力十足 袋內米
here we go 又來了
have you tried to bringing that up with him? 你有跟他提過那件事嗎
How have you been 近來可好
How is that怎麼樣
how did he get on with his math lesson 他的數學功課進展的如何
here you go 這給你
hold your horse 你別激動
how is this 這樣子如何
Hand over to you交給你
How could that be那怎麼可能
How so怎麼說
How did it goㄧ切還好嗎
how did it go today 今天怎麼樣
hell no 才怪
how will it help 那有何用
he is capable of any crime 他什麼壞事都做得出來
Hold tight, I got this 撐住 我來處理
How are you adjusting還習慣嗎
how are things going 事情進行的如何
have a right turn 向右轉
How did he choose them 他憑什麼這樣選
How is that 怎麼會呢
Holiday is just around the corner假日快到了
haven't you heard 你沒聽過
How would you manage that 你怎作到的
he fink out on us 他放我們鴿子
How did it go進行的如何
how does it taste 好吃嗎
how does it work 這到底是什麼
hold on 等等
He knows this stuff inside out 他對這個東西可是懂得很透徹。
How's...coming along 進行的如何
hear me out 聽我說

I'm a little hesitant 我有點猶豫
I was halfway here 我走到半路
I agree with you there 我有同感
I had pity on him 我同情他
i'm lost 我迷路了 我好茫然
Im On a fixed budgets  我預算有限
I'm on your side 我支持你
I will see to it 我會留意
I just dropped my flashlight 手電筒掉了
I saw that coming我早就料到了
It's no use沒用的
I have the uneasy feeling我有不詳的預感
It doesn't always work out that way那樣的方法不ㄧ定是可行的
In case it slipped your mind 你該不會忘了
If I'm labeled then so be it被貼標籤就被貼
It will be a cold day in July before you find a girlfriend 你找的到女友才有鬼
I have changed my mind 我改變主意
It can't hurt to try試試又沒差
I guess i'm a little vague on the particulars我想其中的細節我不太清楚
I would like to make a toast 我敬你
It goes on for a few days 會持續幾天
I have no leisure 我沒空  裡G爾
I'm all for that 我完全同意
I'm terribly sorry about that. 為此我非常抱歉
it was outrageous 真可恥
it still sounds a litte fishy to me 我聽起來還是覺得怪怪的
I can hardly believe我很難想像
in case you didn't notice 你似乎沒有注意到
I can't resist 我受不了
it's very thoughtful of you 你真體貼
it's definitely got me hooked 我真的被他迷住了
I don"t see any other way around it 我想不出有任何更好的方法
I have a runny nose 我流鼻涕
I'm not sleepy  我不睏
it hurts like hell 痛死了
I'm under the weather 我不太舒服
it takes time 太花時間了
I saw it with my own eyes 我親眼見到
I ache all over 我全身痠痛
I couldn't agree more 我完全同意
If my memory serves me right假如我沒記錯
I was just saying that 我亂說的
I didn't think of that我沒想過
I don't see how that's my problem 關我屁事
I Will round up a few other s 多找ㄧ些人
I suppose 我想也是
i'm full 我吃飽惹
I'll fix you up 我會幫你解決
I'm feb up with him 他煩死了
it depends 看情況
I will keep my ears open 我會留意的
I don't mean it 我不是故意的
in the ordinary way 和平常一樣
in all probability 很有可能  ㄆ如阿ㄅㄅU了踢
don't be silly 別傻了
I kid you not 我沒騙你
In terms of boredom, this certainly take the cake 要說無聊 這絕對最無聊
I'll say 想當然爾
I'm sold 你說服我了
it's just not my day 真衰
I had thought of 我想過
i can handle this 我hold的住
I will try 我盡量
In this case就目前而言
I'm pressed for time 我時間緊迫
I have not Seen you since  ...之後我就沒看過你了
I'm wide awake 我很清醒
I grand your wish我成全你
I have to rush 我趕時間
I wouldn't have been caught dead on a snowbroad 我打死都不會玩滑雪板
I show you around 我帶你到處看
I think there is an idea brewing in  my head 我想到一個方法
I have had enough of him 我受夠這個人了
I'm counting on you我全靠你了
I will see you at five 五點鐘見
it's going too far 太離譜了
I decline 我拒絕
I have put it off long enough 我拖夠久了
I didn't say there was any accounting for that 我沒有說那也算
In terms of boredom, this certainly take the cake  要說無聊,這絕對最無聊
I think I will pass我不去
I have nothing to do with that event 我跟該事件沒關係
it distract me 讓我分心
It was great fun 好玩極了
I've worked my butt off on this all day. 我今天整天辛辛苦苦都在搞這個
I have never heard of this sort of thing before 我以前都不知有這種事
it's raining heavily 雨好大
It about time 該是時候了
if so  如果是這樣的話
I can tell 我看得出來
I make an idiot of myself 我出糗
It's such a drag 實在很無趣
I'm not in the good mood 我心情不好
It's been a while. 好久不見
it's up to you 看你
I'm impressed 我太感動了
I don't see 我看不出來
I have already burnt my fingers once我已經嚐過苦頭了
In what way在哪方面
I have just had a thought我剛有ㄧ個想法
I overslept 我睡過頭
it was no trouble at all一點兒也不麻煩
I'm really up against a wall 我真的碰到難關了
I will get right on it馬上就來進行
I'll see about it. 我再看看吧
If you keep that up 如果你繼續這樣下去
I don't get you 搞不懂你
I've finally got it out of my system. 現在總算讓我好好發洩了一下!
I have heard of those 我聽說過
is going to be a killer 真要命
I'm putting my feet up until then 到時再說吧
I'm off 我要出去了
I get it 我懂了
I would if I could 我能的話我會的
It's my treat 我請客
I'm pressed for time 我時間緊迫
I'm under a lot of pressure 我壓力很大
I sure hope he gets what's coming to him 希望他得到報應
I would't go that far 我不會那麼誇張
I have had it 我以前有過
I did notice 我真的注意到
I don't want to burst your bubble 我不是要潑你冷水

Let's give it a shot 試看看

right this way 請到這邊來

you are the boss 都聽你的
you have my word 我保證

they rule 超讚

not entirely 不完全是
not really 也不是   不見得
not if i can help it 要是我有辦法我也不想
none of this would have mattered so much 這一切都沒差
Not a chance想的美
No way  休想
No kidding 不是蓋的   可不是嗎  真的假的
Not at all不會

more than that 還不只呢
Me either我也沒有
Maybe I could find a use for that 也許那會派上用場
My sentiment exactly 我有同感
My humiliation is complete 我真是丟臉到家了
My thoughts exactly. 我正有此意
my friends bailed on me 我朋友臨時不來
my pleasure 樂意之至

so do I 我也一樣
stop making noise 別吵了
so it appears 看來是這樣
So that explains it  原來如此
So so還好
she is such a brown nose 他很愛拍馬屁
sound pretty banal to me 看起來並不怎麼樣
say it isn't so 告訴我這不是真的  
Something like this has been long overdue 這種東西早該有了
Stop it 不要再這樣了

keep your morale up 打起精神  

we Coming all the way out here 我們大老遠到這

You have got to be kidding 你大概在說笑
You have got a point說得有道理
You must be pretty relieved你應該能鬆ㄧ口氣
You have got yourself a deal 就這麼說定了
you should acknowledge it你應該表示出來
you asked for it 你自找的
You don't say不會吧
you are being ridiculous 你鬧夠了沒
you've got your head in the cloud你太不切實際了
you can say that again 說得好
you could say that 可不是嘛
you set me up 你陷害我
You are...,aren't you 你不是...嗎
You look a bit under the weather你看起來氣色不太好
you are fucking real 你他媽太中肯了
you look like hell妳看起來糟透了
You may have something there 好像有道理
You don't say 是喔
you crossed the line 你太過分了
you are messing with me, right 你在跟我開玩笑對吧
You have me over a barrel 你讓我別無選擇
you have got me stumped 你真把我難倒了
You just turned26你才剛滿26
you bet 沒問題

that's more like it 這才像話
Take it from a guy 從男人的觀點來看
that's all 這樣就好了
That's what I thought at first我ㄧ開始也是這麼想
There is where the action is 那才是一展身手的地方
That wouldn't work either那也是行不通的
That's so sick 真變態
that is exactly what i want 那正是我想要的
that is possibility 那到有可能
That might be going overboard 可能沒有必要吧
tickle your fancy 引起你的興趣
three consecutive days 連續三天
this happen everytime 每次都這樣
that figure那是可以想像的
That's a relief那就好
that's just great 那不就好棒棒
think nothing of it 別放在心上
that's really something 真了不起
That's a wrap! 收工了
the sooner the better 越快越好
that's what gets me about him 這就是他讓我搞不懂的地方
That's the gist of it 道理就是這樣
that's music to my ears 正合我意
Then there is no point那就沒意義了
Think of it 想看看
deal 就這麼說定了
that sounds right up my alley 聽起來很適合我
These are just a few coming off the top of my head. 這只是幾個現在一下子能想到的而已。
Thanks for your hard work 辛苦了
That is a far cry from i thought 完全出乎我的意料
Thanks for your hard work 辛苦了
there is nothing like relaxing in cafes 沒有比在餐廳放鬆更好的事了
thanks a lot 非常感謝
tell him to come along too 叫他也一起來

just a little bit 差一點

Obviously it work 那顯然有效喔

Promise me答應我
pain persist 還是會痛
Probably about the same as last week 大概跟上週ㄧ樣吧

when is the most convenient time for you 何時對你最方便
What are you laughing at 笑什麼
what a guy 真是個了不起的傢伙
We have kind of been putting that off 這件事我們好像拖了ㄧ陣子了
We've been meaning to make我們ㄧ直想要作的
Was my face red! 我真是臉紅死了
what do you do for relaxation 你作什麼消遣
what a day 今天真不好過
We will never make it in time 我們不可能來的及
What on earth are you rattling on about now你現在究竟在嘮叨什麼
what's the rush  急什麼
when shall we eat 我們何時吃飯
why that's relevant 那又有什麼關係呢
What have you been up to 你都在忙些什麼
What are you up to today 你今天要做啥
what's the catch 有什麼收穫
what do you expect 阿不然勒
what a pity 真是太遺憾了
What's that supposed to mean 那是什麼意思
What's the big deal 有什麼大不了
what's worse 更糟的是
what a steal 太划算了
What is the story那是怎麼回事
We have got a couple of days off 我們有幾天的休假
What does that have to do with anything 那有什麼相干
What is gotten into you 你怎麼了
We have looked all over for you 我們到處找你
What's got into you你怎麼了
what did you think of it 你覺得怎樣
What's the big deal有什麼關係
What's up 怎麼回事.
What have you been up to你最近在幹嘛
What time does the meeting start? 會議幾點開始?
What day is today? 今天禮拜幾
what is this regarding 這是關於哪方面
What do you plan on doing你打算怎麼辦
what does it look like 他看起來長怎樣
wait awhile 等一下
What got into him 他怎麼了

Let's talk as we walk 邊走邊說吧

silly me 我真笨
screw you 去死吧
Shoot 說吧
suit yourself 隨你便
Scared me to death嚇死我
she call me over 他叫我過來
Sounds feasible 聽起來行的通 free惹ㄅㄡ

Not a moment too soon早該如此
Not exactly不見得
Now you are talking 這樣說才對嘛
nothing quite so extreme 沒那麼嚴重
not necessarily 不一定  內捨誰弱李

my house is three miles apart from my school我家跟學校有三英哩的距離

Up until recentlyㄧ直到最近為止

just wait and see 等著瞧

Really suffocate真的很悶  殺夫兒k

Let me sleep 10 more minutes 讓我再睡10分鐘
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here 我們得慢慢來
Let's talk over coffe 我們邊喝咖啡邊談

I have no choice  我很無奈
I'm lost for words 我也是醉了
I can't even 傻眼
she is so cute I can't even 他可愛得我不要不要的
anytime 不客氣
keep it up 加油
thanks for your hard work 辛苦了
spit it out 有話快說

batch of 一批

lose hold of 鬆開
at stake 受到危險
no longer 不再
ten to one 十之八九
point of view 觀點
regard as 被認為是
probably 可能是
settle down 安排
left out 漏掉
pass out 暈倒
show off 炫耀
in no way 絕不
old gag 老梗
locate in 位於
lit as fuck 嗨到很狂

get hold of 抱著
seek pity 討拍
widely used 廣泛使用
get punished 得到教訓
strong statement 大道理
look at....as 將  視為
obsessed with 被 迷住
put...on the line 拿...冒險
pick on 找...麻煩
short tempered 脾氣差
all for 十分贊成
dress up 打扮成
trek all the way to 大老遠跑去
set me up with 幫我安排
turned me off 讓我提不起勁
sleep in 賴床
Relate with 有關
Make sure確保
do...without rush 不急著做
warm up 熱身
back me up 支持我
A bunch ofㄧ群
Come after 追殺
Point out指出
Get involved 被牽扯
All around全方位
Not at all不會
Pros and cons利弊
Taking a class上課
Wiped out累死
lose hold of 鬆開
have your eye on 留意
rushes to 奔向
got hold of 抱著
tired out 厭倦
keep me from 使我不能
won't quit 一發不可收拾
made a sneeze 打噴嚏
lose temper 發脾氣
break down 拋錨
give in 讓步
pay me back 還錢
allergic to 對...過敏
keep track of 追蹤
let go hold of 抓不住
lose hold of 鬆開
swarm of  一群 死我嗯
old wives tale 沒根據的說法
by the end of the year 年底
on or around the 14th  14號左右
tap into 打動
to do list 待辦事項
opposite to me 我對面  阿ㄆZ

get the time off 請假

powered off 關機
running out of battery 快沒電了
in place of 代替
turn off 關掉
sleep enough 睡飽
blew out 吹熄   (輪胎)爆裂
succeed in 成功的
overdo it 作的太過火
fight back 反擊
have time 有空
do it over 重作
over and over again 一遍又一遍
out of...   出於...的理由
electricity went out 停電  一類處一捨梯

kneel down  跪下
Sucker for 十分熱衷
old fashioned 過時
metaphor for 象徵  美特夫而
Take a dump 大便
pee 小便
fart 放屁
doesn't ring a bell 對...沒印象
Jam packed擁擠不堪
thanks a lot 非常感謝
wear out 磨損   非常疲倦
go on a date with 與...約會
ask...for advice 請教
count on 依賴
full of 充滿
dissuade from 勸阻
keep house 作家事
thankful to 感謝
Hanging out 鬼混
put out 撲滅
Plastered across貼著
Publicity stunt 宣傳手法 趴ㄅ李設踢
hit it off well 投緣
have a good time 玩得很愉快

got mixed up 混亂了

throw away 丟掉
watch youself 留神點
fucked up 搞砸  壞掉了 死定了
Cook up 捏造
Throw up嘔吐
Act up 搗蛋
think up 想出
Clean up打掃

rest of the time 其餘時間
going on 進行
plunge into 跳進
vie for 爭取
meet you halfway 遷就你
free of charge 免費
kindred spirit 同類
getting up to speed 加快腳步
getting better 變好
threw angry tantrum 大發脾氣  ㄊㄟ恩唇
fall asleep 入睡
got rough 不如意
get rid of 去除
look into 調查

screwing around 胡鬧
strings attached 附帶條件
Pros and cons優缺點
Freak out抓狂
As usual ㄧ如往常
Complex of 綜合
Play into her hand 中了他的圈套

Further away from it遠離他
Come into走進
glaring at you 瞪你
make up 彌補
made up 編造
Not my cup of tea 不合我的胃口
left out 漏掉
rip off坑人
pick him up 接他
Pick up on 察覺
pick up  選購

rule out 不考慮
impossible dream 妄想
gets tired of 感到厭煩
pointed out 指出
treat as 當作
get well 康復
look in on 探望
carry out 達成
figure out 找出
carry on 進行 ,繼續
commited a fault 犯了一個錯
Low key 單調   低調
Hang on 撐著
Fall ill生病
Not too distant future不久的未來
Go that far 那麼離譜
dramatically increasing 急速增加
aim for 致力於
in preparation 準備中
Secure a spot 佔個好位置
Make you want to Puke 令人作嘔
Piss him off 激怒他
has a tantrum 發脾氣
Far fatch離譜  不實際
All the rage很流行

Flipping through翻閱
out of order 壞掉了
treats...like 把...當作
use...as  把...當作
a large number of 大量的
get to 到達
go on 持續
Arise from 由...引起
Pass out 暈倒
pass away 死了
Stack up 堆起
smell of 的味道
lack of 缺少
regard as 被視為
lift up 舉起

take exercise 作運動
take place 舉行
take pains 全力以赴
take me by surprise 嚇了我一跳
take it for grant 理所當然認為
take off  脫掉
take a walk 散步
take your time 慢慢來
take heart 別灰心
take a rain check改天吧
take charge of 負責
talk back to me 頂嘴
tell apart 分辨
hole up 躲起來
Clean up打掃
call me up 打電話給我
hang up 掛上(電話)
wash up 洗手洗臉
end up 最後  
end up as 結果變成
let slide 丟著不管
Split up 分開
show off 炫耀
running up to 接近
Sort out 整理
learn the rope 抓到訣竅
is far cry from 有很大的差別
dress up 打扮
serve the purpose 派上用場
see me off 送行
revenge on  報復
keep off 遠離
go through 經歷
blend with 混合
good at 擅長
go on 持續
fool around 鬼混
anger her  惹他生氣
Stop by順道去
have it in for her 對他懷恨在心
have it out with her 找他算帳

cover up 隱瞞
run into  遇到
bump into 撞到
put me off 敷衍我
It figures 似乎,理所當然 可想而知
hand in 繳交
let on 透露
work out 健身
Try hard努力
jerking off 尻尻
set aside 擱置
look up to  尊敬
look down on 瞧不起
cut off 剪斷
cut out 剪下
fill in 填寫(填到空白欄中)
fill out 填寫
make up my mind 我下定決心
make out 表現
look after照顧
Bring about 造成
Build her strength up增強他的體力
bring out 拿出來
Live up to 達成
think over仔細考慮
throw out 丟掉
Play up 吹噓
pick out 挑選

put on 穿上
put away 收起來
put you on 逗著你玩
put down 苛責
Put it off 改天再說
fix up 修理
look over  仔細檢查
get out of line 不守規矩
get in 上車
get out of 下車
give off 散發
give her a big hand 給予他掌聲
goof off 摸魚
Give her a lift to her job 送他上班
keep your head 冷靜
lose his head 他驚慌失措
arrive at 到達
find out 查詢  搞清楚 找到
fall through 泡湯了
Severely reprimand 嚴厲處分  捨v兒李 瑞ㄆ如ㄧman
Fall into陷入
Not much沒什麼
Is coming up 快到了
Get off my case少管我的事
favorable 頗受好評
Hand out發(傳單)
Play along配合
Meets up with見面
Stop teasing別逗了
Hike up爬到
over the hump 渡過難關
Toss me 丟給我
To whom are you referring 你在指誰
By the door 門旁邊
Toilet paper 衛生紙
nine out of ten 十分之九
Too bad不幸的是
let go of 放開
in a trance 發呆
Midnight snack宵夜
advent of 出現
think it over 仔細考慮
on the way to school 往學校途中
in no way 絕不
not in the least 一點也不
up to now 到現在
upper left corner 左上角
throw in the towel 認輸
go along with 贊成
bit by bit 一點一點
foot by foot  一步一步
little by little 漸漸的
Work out可行的
Clue you in 為你提供最新消息
I'm off我要出去

Beneficial to them對他們有利
Out of the ordinary跟平常不ㄧ樣
Is more my speed比較適合我的口味
View of 的看法
Work out成功
Window shopping逛街
far-fetched 不切實際
Leaves me cold 我都沒興趣
Talking through her hat 吹牛
made of 由..組成
Fed up with受不了
as it turn out 最後發現
Has improved進步了
Far superior更棒,輸p如ㄧ兒
Piss you off 惹你生氣
a pain in the butt 惡夢一場
Ended up結果
But it turned out 意外地

Go for 對...有興趣
Is learning 逐漸了解

ill at ease 不自在
He made great progress他進步神速

All day long ㄧ整天

Group up on me 組隊跟我走
Keep your eyes open 注意危險

Cut corners at all times時時節檢
Give off a strange odor 散發奇怪的味道

First priority首要任務

get tired of 感到厭煩

You do have a point there有道理
Doesn't that worry you at all難道你ㄧ點都不擔心?

A stack ofㄧ堆
Flipping through瀏覽

devoid of 缺乏

seek for 尋找
hunt for 尋找
hold back 隱瞞
in all 總共

think of  想到  對...的想法
in relation to 關於
excel in 擅長
on top of 在...的上面
hand in 繳交
held back 隱瞞
empty of 缺乏
point to 指出

as much as possible 盡量
Even so儘管如此
When you put it like that照你這樣講
Confide in 吐露心事給

What's got into you你怎麼了

Hanging out閒晃

i can hack it 我可以做好的
What does it say 上面寫什麼
If that were true 如果是那樣
sweep up 打掃

won't be over 不來嗎
bad at 不擅長
acquainted with 認識
bump against 撞到
in many respects 在很多方面
in disregard of  不顧
lively 熱鬧

far from 一點也不

dying to 很想

I'm flattered 過獎了
thanks for your flattering me 謝謝誇獎

for the time being 暫時
you are just in time 你來的正是時候

at moments 不時地
at the thought of 一想到

up for 還想
so you see 所以說

stick at 煩惱
bump against 撞到
don't be so fussy 別這麼挑剔
is there any chance 有沒有可能
killer funny 超好笑

contented with 感到滿意

in a while 很快
by intention 故意

determined to 下定決心要

I would be happy to 我很樂意
in many respects 在很多方面
Let off steam 發洩
two and a half hours 兩個半小時
It seems to me在我看來
Tickets me off 氣死我

My back is killing me 我的背痛死
Knock it off 別說了
Don't Freak me out like that 別嚇我
isn't my cup of tea 不合我胃口
which one you're referring to 你指哪一位
just around the corner 快到了
Mark my words 聽好
deliberately 刻意
Over the top太誇張
All the way downㄧ路上
nauseous 令人作嘔
Ticked off 非常生氣
that really leave me in a fix 那我不是慘了
Run off your feet忙的團團轉
This is ridiculous 太扯了
nasty 棘手  討人厭的   噁心
Help yourself請便

it was awful 糟透了
Go over my head 讓我傷腦筋
lost my way 迷路
time after time 一次又一次
the day after tomorrow 後天
bad at 不擅長
a moment ago 剛才

by then 那時候
by intention 故意的
synthesis of 綜合的 興夫兒吸私
you look kind of beat up 你看起來累壞了
i will give it a shot 我會試試

enlighten me 教教我

I will really bend your ear我ㄧ講就沒完沒了
Mean business玩真的
Mark my words聽清楚
Seems to be a Fad these days 最近好像很流行
You are not bringing those,are you?你不會帶這些東西去吧
Work hard努力
Being rushed Drives me nuts被人催我會瘋掉
Get in the way礙手礙腳的
knock off 下班
Working against it對他不利
In the past 在過去

Hard to say 難說嘍
I have got a craving for that我最近ㄧ直很想要那個
At best算得上

in the teeth of 不顧

whereabouts of 下落
when you put it that way 聽你這麼說
on several fronts 在很多方面
Screw up 搞砸
Just as well真巧
don't keep the truth from me別隱瞞我
As far as I'm concerned 就我而言
for the time being 暫時
pull over your car 把車停到路邊
lose my touch 變生疏
what a crummy day 今天真倒楣
i bet 我打賭
That makes sense有道理
snap at 指責
have you heard of 你已經聽說
fit for 適合

to the point 中肯

If I understand you correctly 如果我沒聽錯
at this rate 照這樣看來
at the thought of  一想起

small change 零錢
this food is off 食物壞了
mouth-watering 好吃

give it your all 全力以赴
I jumped out of my skin 我嚇死
I'm out of pocket 我沒錢
you crack me up 你想把我笑死嗎
don't take it so hard 別看太重
I'm in the rush 我趕時間
the pleasure is all mine 這是我極大的榮幸
cheer up 振作
look at 注視  考慮
I have had enough我吃飽了 我受夠了
I beg your pardon 我沒聽清楚
traffct jam 塞車
be pegged as 被看成
hush up 保持沉默
This can't be 不可能

single out 挑選
with pleasure 我很樂意
turned upside down 亂七八糟
it's going too far 太扯了
it's been a long time好久不見
don't get uptight 別緊張
i'm so fed up 我受夠了
Bite my head off 臭罵我ㄧ頓
it's not a big deal 又沒什麼大不了

in desperation 不顧一切地
at leisure 有空
in turn
indulge in 沉迷於
let's call it a day 今天到此為止

Don stand me up 不要讓我久等
I"m really looking forward to it 我真期待

A serious expression came over her face 臉上露出認真表情

pretty beat 累壞了

seeing things 看到幻覺

what a day 今天真不好過
it was no trouble at all一點兒也不麻煩
I'm really up against a wall 我真的碰到難關了

you could put it like that 你那麼說也可以
I've become desensitize 我已經沒感覺了
easier said than done說比做容易
tune into注意
for opener首先
at first首先
why the long face幹嘛擺一張臭臉
Why are you looking so glum你怎麼臉這麼臭
it"s sickening 真令人生氣
neither do I 我也不
too true一點也沒錯

the bottom line重要的
far be it from me 干我屁事
I think I'll just play it by ear 我想到時候再看著辦吧
that's a good point  說得好
helps immensely很有幫助
being able能夠
I'll bet on it 我有把握
go to great length 想盡辦法
shy away from 避免

from now on 從今以後
what have you been up to 你剛剛在作什麼
I'm so thirsty I could die我渴死了
back than 當時
had better還是
reasoning with him跟他講道理
hanging out 閒晃
desperate for 急切的需要
it does沒錯

I wandered around 我晃來晃去
stop by 順路去
I'm bored 我好無聊
Wags its tail搖尾巴
Come in handy 派得上用場
Drive me nut 讓我發瘋
Bending over backwards 用盡全力 做牛做馬
Off from work 放假
Too Hectic   太趕   

at that time  當時
engage in 從事
tooth decay 蛀牙
in a dilemma 進退兩難 ㄉ雷ㄇ
arrive in 抵達
is in your favor 對你有利
lie down 躺
go on 持續
omission of省略
advent of 出現
have to 必須 只好
felt a sense of injury . 受了委屈

run a lap 跑一圈
After a point到某個程度
Half an hour半小時
Turn you off of讓你對他沒興趣
Go over過去
Take you so long要你這麼久
So called所謂的

In front of在..前面
rear of 的後面
Could be有可能
Tick off 氣死
I can't stand我受不了
With a clear conscience安心些
Not relevant in 沒關聯 如ㄟ了門
Take into account顧慮
Lighten up減輕負擔
Be on your toes準備好接招
Think back回想ㄧ下
Heating up越來越厲害(吵架)

go off 響了(鬧鐘)
recharge the battery 充電
By the 在...旁邊
A bundle ofㄧ疊
Cut out戒掉
Cut down減少吃
Streak of ㄧ連串的
trivial things 瑣事
queues up in 排成
the array of  一批
adjourn until 延至
by all mean 想盡辦法   一定是
consign to  委託給
clear up 澄清
keen on 熱衷
in common 共同的
a flock of 一群
mix A with B 把A跟B混合
mixture of 由...混合而成
held on舉行
look for 尋找
lure of 的誘惑
stroll down 散步走過
stroll about 閒晃
lasting effect 後遺症
freak out 抓狂

get along with 相處
toward this file 對這電影
right next to 緊鄰著
rip off 扯下
instant noodle 泡麵

goes through  詳覽
take a nap 小睡一下
once a month 一個月一次
being processed 處理中
back to normal 恢復正常
on call 待命
call into question 受到質疑

Get over 克服
filled with 充滿
collide with 碰撞(車子之類的)  可賴的
refresh myself 讓我提神
Hang up 掛上
Rooting for加油
Stand for 代表
Puffed up windbag吹牛大王
Way past his prime早就過了巔峰期
Money talk 有錢能使鬼推磨
Catch on 流行起來   明白
go in for 有興趣
Hand back歸還
Blending of混合
in memory of 紀念
Eye sore礙眼
Hang up 掛上
Run up against 遭受
half off 半價
highlight of 最精彩的部分
spending the day 打發時間
some years back 幾年前
keep away from 遠離
eat in 在家吃飯
eat out 出去吃
make good 做好
comment sense 常識

disadvantage in  對...很不利
looks up to 景仰
ahead of 在...前面
was taken in by 被....騙

cause a stir 引起轟動
I have monday off  我禮拜一有空
Up to the top 移到最上面
Cooped up 關起來
in your favor 偏袒你
pent up 壓抑
took a sip of the 啜飲
wary of 對...小心
breaking point 極限
all over again 從頭再來一遍
pick a fight 起衝突
as a child 小時候
common sense 常識
prone to 有...傾向
lyric 歌詞
slope 斜坡
inspiration 靈感
trifles 小事 try for
fib 謊言
odor 味道
sigh 嘆氣
pervert 變態
scene 景色
deed 行為
chin 下巴
pastime 娛樂
factor 因素
punk 屁孩
bento 便當
loner 邊緣人
purse 錢包
condition 情況
chore 瑣事
nuisance 麻煩事
remorse 自責
cyberslack 上網摸魚
inhabitant 居民
proof 證明
elbow 手肘
curb 路邊
feature 特色
reward 獎勵
whereabout 下落
terrace 陽台
perk 額外收穫
decor 裝潢
hoax 騙局
dignity 尊嚴  低ㄋ踢
Cad 無賴
energy 精神
trait 特徵
Conversationalist 健談的人
switch 開關
praise 讚美
verge 邊緣
fate 命運
compromise 妥協
consensus 共識 肯死ㄟ恩捨死
viewpoint 觀點
fever 發燒
award 獎品
idiom 成語
slice 一片
stunt 絕技
countermeasure 對策
strain 緊張氣氛
penalty 處罰 佩ㄋ踢
onset 發作
ash 灰
endeavor 努力 印ㄉㄟㄇ
manner 態度
origin 起因
sincerity 誠意
nearsightedness 近視
statement  說法
tale 故事
proverb 諺語
straw 吸管
Filth 髒東西
tip 訣竅
forage 飼料  for如一G
noob 新手
taboo 禁忌 ㄊ不
deal 條件
barrel 桶
Superstition 迷信
expectation 期待 A死配ㄊㄟ訓
fee 費用
wage 薪水
bombshell 令人震驚的事件
sight 風景
onset 發作
zone 區域
necessities 生活必需品  ㄋ誰射踢
improvement 改善
permission 允許
nutrient 營養
fuel 燃料
bald 禿頭
basis 基礎
pity 同情 憐憫
nonsense 胡說
fog 霧
advances  進步
route 路線
Quality 畫質
stool 馬桶
thinking 想法
given 已知事實
joy 喜悅
Sign 星座
infant 嬰兒
recognition 被認出來
dust 灰塵
bowl 碗
astrology 占星術
venture 冒險
rag 抹布
din 噪音
kettle 水壺
setting 環境
process 過程
context 場合
terrace 陽台 ㄊㄟ如兒死
sector 部門
uproar 騷動
civilain 平民 捨V李恩
ploy 策略
mainstream 主流
seasoning 調味料
quarrel 爭吵  闊肉
procession 隊伍
duplicate  複製品
Relevant 相關 如ㄟ了門
circumstance 環境 蛇肯死ㄊㄟ嗯死
Nor 也不會

sprint 衝刺
Charm 魅力
vulgarity 髒話
brood 沉思
burden 負擔
setback 挫折
approach 手段
Aisle 走道
advantage  優點
develpment 發展
concession 讓步
coward 膽小鬼 尻兒
maniac 瘋子 美妳ㄟ可
yearly  每年
clogged 堵住
benefactor  恩人  貝你費柯特
factor 因素

contest 比賽
journalist 記者 G兒ㄋ李死特
savings 存款
sunstroke 中暑
nuisance 麻煩事 New神死
locale 現場 漏K歐
closet 衣櫥 可拉Z
bulletin 佈告欄 不了梯
superintendent 負責人

flashlight 手電筒
conclude 結束 肯庫
inhabitant 居民 印黑Bㄊㄣ
grateful 感恩
hatred 仇恨 黑處衣
dusk 黃昏
bin 垃圾箱
curtain 窗簾 柯ㄊㄣ

sharp 銳利
pinpoint  查明
settle down 安排
sideways 旁邊
outfit 用品

ceiling 天花板 西林
disseminate 散播 滴誰ㄇ內
motive 動機
solidarity 團結 殺裡day如兒梯
stuck 卡住 困住
Image 形象 印象

flaw 缺陷
slip 滑倒
sideways 從旁邊

permanence 永久

fancy 幻想
mood 心情

scrap 碎片
effective  有效的
resist 抵抗
unconsciously 不知不覺地
overwork 加班
adhere 堅持 爾的ㄏㄧ
amid 在 之中
persuade 說服 ㄆ死為
fascinate 迷住 飛射內踢
precisely 完全正確
essentailly 最重要的
downright 完全地
um 嗯
uh  恩
approximate 大約   爾ㄆ如阿西美特

resent 討厭 如ㄧ日ㄟ恩
So long as 只要
Nag 撈叨 內ㄍ
exclaim 呼喊
Deterioate  腐壞 滴踢如ㄧ兒瑞特

severe 嚴重 捨V而
Kinky 古怪
ego 自尊心
vision 視力  V軍
certify 證明 蛇Tㄈㄞˋ

sarcastic 諷刺 殺K死T可
compensated 補償 康ㄆ恩誰

aspire 渴望
chore 瑣事
bunch 一束
counsel 忠告 康守

deficiency 不足 低free訊系

satire 諷刺 誰泰爾
contemplate 注視 康ㄊㄣㄆ雷
substantial 大量的 捨死ㄊㄟ恩秀
recognize  認出 如ㄟ可耐
estimate 估計 ㄟ死特美特
underestimate 低估
habitual 習慣 ㄏ逼求
viable 可行的 賣而ㄅ歐

purse 錢包 ㄆ死

Restless 浮噪
Confounded 困惑 肯ㄈㄠ地

Lothing 不屑 樓附ㄧ
inadequate 自卑 因內地擴

poignant 悲傷 ㄆㄡ你恩
penalty 處罰 ㄆㄟ恩ㄋ梯
garment 衣服 ㄍㄚ們
insomnia 失眠 應殺你兒
obstruct 阻塞 噁ㄅ死處阿特
terrific 很棒 特如一幅一

Perky 精神好
Drowsy 睏 珠ㄠz
pessimistic 悲觀 配捨密死梯

contrast 不同
regarded 被認為

exactly 到底
abide 忍受 爾拜的
festive 歡樂 廢死梯

parcel 包裹 啪手

intense 強烈
Dejected 沮喪 地絕踢
Gullible 易受騙的 ㄍㄚ了ㄅㄡ
ordinarily 要是以前 歐的ㄟ如兒裡
Tightwad 小氣鬼 泰瓦
colleague 同事 卡里ㄍ
punctual 準時 胖求
Primarily 主要是藉著 ㄆ如ㄞ沒如兒李
per 依照
commodity 商品 肯媽的踢
gosh 天阿

beard 鬍子
celebrity 名人 捨累ㄅ如而梯
tolerant 忍耐 塔了如嗯
accelerate 加速 Aㄎ誰了瑞特
Precisely 的確
brainwash 洗腦
considerate 體貼
Scheme 方式 死ㄎㄧ恩
Casual 隨便
granted 沒錯
triiles 小事情
Pastime 消遣
hesitant 遲疑 嘿Zㄊㄣ
overthink 想太多
char 燒焦
reckless 魯莽
attire 服裝
rubbish 亂講
sarcasm諷刺 殺k忍
incurable 沒救了
compassion 同情心

vow 發誓  貓
endure 忍耐 印的U爾
contend 競爭
unsettle 動搖
resolution 決心
exceed 超過
stray 迷路
mightier 力量還要大
occupation 職業 阿Q配訊
proceed 進行

beforehand 預先
hospitality 款待  哈死Pㄊㄟ了T
plot 陰謀
Sports nut運動狂
Point 目的
Expectations 期望 ㄟ死配ㄊㄟ訓
insufficient 不足 引射free訓
curb 路邊
Efficient 有效用 ㄧfree訓

Constant 不斷的
phenomenon 現象 夫兒那ㄇ那
decrease 減少
Delicacy 美食 day了可西
Bearings 所在位置
occasion 場合
innovative 創新的
initial 最初 一你秀
bliss 幸福
outcome 結果

rival 對手
several 幾個
gasp 喘氣
drawer 抽屜
burst 爆裂
subject 話題  科目
analogy 相似之處  比喻  耳內了G
faucet 水龍頭 for吸
angle 角度
illusion錯覺 幻覺
scope 範圍
defect 缺陷
Irrelevant 沒w係 伊如ㄟ了門
dilapidate 荒廢 的類ㄆday
poll 投票
stund 絕技

block  街道
Humiliated被羞辱 ㄏu米粒ㄟ特
Snobbish瞧不起人 死那畢許
Salt 鹹
whatsoever 不管怎樣
Favoritism偏心 夫ㄟㄇ如ㄧ踢忍
Streak 性格
benefit 好處
faith 信心
analyze 分析 ㄟㄋ賴
tangle 糾紛
Mean 故意
Dismiss 解散
skeleton 骨頭 死K李ㄊㄣ
Behave 別亂
Rough 大略
appetite 食慾 ㄟㄆ態
saturated 沾滿 誰去爾瑞梯
worthwhile 值得
exception 例外
bleed 流血
extent 程度
correspond 相符
companion 同伴
workaholic 工作狂 握可厚里
massive 巨大
mutual 互相
scene  風景
distress 苦惱  痛苦
escort 護送
sparse 稀少

thread 線  稅的
proof 證明
trick  訣竅   厲害之處
strap 皮帶
privilege 特權
oversight  疏忽
gesture 手勢

discrimination 歧視

depot 倉庫
subordinate 部下 捨ㄅ歐地呢
convict 罪犯
guts 勇氣
fame 名聲
flu 感冒
beam 光線
Plight 困境
quantity 數量 框ㄊ梯
tact 機智
fume 煙
counterclockwise 逆時針
countermeasure 對策
snore 打呼
just in case 以防萬一
took a beating 損失慘重
get cold feet at the last minute 臨陣脫逃
beyond belief 難以置信
there is always an exception to the rule 凡事總有例外
where there is a will there is a way 有志者事竟成
repeat the mistakes we've made in past 重蹈覆轍
look before I leap 三思而後行
eating spree 大吃特吃
to no avail 徒勞無功
out of question 毫無疑問
push over the edge 走投無路
chickening out 臨陣脫逃
cynical  憤世嫉俗
it can't be helped 無能為力
neck and neck 不分上下
Arresting 引人注目
Close call死裡逃生
Giving it my all 全力以赴
nothing venture, nothing gained 不入虎穴 焉得虎子
live on my own 自力更生
outrageous 千奇百怪
give it your best shot  奮不顧身
High spirited酩盯大醉
appropriate 恰到好處
Foolproof 萬無ㄧ失
magnificently 不同凡響 每個你free審特里
Biting off more than they can chew 自不量力
Compulsive 不可自拔
Follow through 說到做到
negligible 微不足道  內ㄍ裏G而ㄅ歐
Ulterior motives 別有用心 阿歐踢如ㄧ兒
by any means  不擇手段
that's always the case 習以為常
hit the ceiling 大發雷霆
hit the nail on the head 一針見血
put the cart before the horse  本末倒置
procrastinate 拖拖拉拉  poㄎ如ㄟ死ㄊ內
close call 千鈞一髮
Let your head swell up 得意忘形
look wise 自作聰明
a real drag 礙手礙腳
push your luck  得寸進尺
waste your breath 白費唇舌
You look distant你看起來心不在焉
Idle gossip閒言閒語
Put me off 讓我望之卻步
beat around the bush 拐彎抹角
Taken lightly等閒視之
In a state of shock驚魂未定
hustle and bustle人來人往
Laid back漫不經心
Wild goose chase白忙ㄧ場
All come out in the wash水落石出
Turn over in his grave死不暝目
With your noses in the air目中無人
Broken up in shift斷斷續續
play it by ear 隨機應變
Bite the hand that feeds you忘恩負義
whisper 竊竊私語
don't be so fussy 別這麼大驚小怪
Stick with it持之以恆
Every second of the day無時無刻
Leave well enough alone  適可而止
creepy  毛骨悚然
extraordinary 異於常人的
pensive 悶悶不樂
all anxious 坐立難安
wears me out 使我精疲力竭
notorious 惡名昭彰
driven 精力充沛
go with the territory 伴隨而來
that should not be a surprise 那不足為奇
He is filled with a wild ecstatic happiness . 他欣喜若狂 A死ㄊㄟ踢
intact 完好無缺
I know something about 我略知ㄧ二
The Proof is overwhelming 罪證確鑿
Wishy-washy 優柔寡斷
that is a deal 一言為定
Down to earth 腳踏實地
the pot calling the kettle black 五十步笑百步
Congratulating himself沾沾自喜
cringe 不寒而慄 可如一G
I'm willing to hear you out 我洗耳恭聽
Speak of the devil說曹操曹操到
A close second緊追在後
Impossible 不可理喻
vice versa 反之也然
to each his own 人各有志
First thing first. 我們按步就班
I'd have to see it to believe it 眼見為憑
future looks pretty grim 前途一片黯淡
it's a long story 說來話長
effortlessly 不費吹灰之力
on and off 斷斷續續的
great minds think alike 英雄所見略同
wear me out 讓我精疲力竭
make out like a bandit 大撈一筆
ever 有史以來
the pits 糟糕透頂
on the rope 岌岌可危
observe 觀察 噁ㄅ熱
hinder 阻礙
elevate 舉起
humiliate 羞辱  ㄏU咪裡ㄟ特
scratch 抓
envy 羨慕  忌妒
rotate 旋轉
quiver 發抖
admire 誇獎
cast 投擲
alert 提醒
presume 推測
highlight 強調
clarify 說明
overcome 克服
obey 遵守
spur 鼓勵
sigh 嘆氣
crawl 爬
boast 自誇
diss 嘴
indicate 指示
dip 汲取
convey 傳達
nod 點頭
ensure 保證
defer 延期
spur 鼓勵
spin 旋轉
made up 編造
curl 捲曲
he bumped his knee on a rock 膝蓋撞到石頭
refresh 提神
char 燒焦
ashamed 感到慚愧
elude 逃避
overcome 克服
subtract 減 捨處ㄟ
shave 剃
squeeze 擠
menace 威脅
tow 拉
leap 跳過
peer 瞪
shiver 發抖
willing 願意
stash 藏匿
lure 誘惑
goad 說服
entice 吸引
against 對付
alleviate 減輕
delegate 委託 day了給
curb 克制
babble 嘮叨
torment 折磨 糾纏
Draw 促使
spoil 寵壞
deem 認為
Unwind 解開
upwards 向上
sting 叮
yawn 打哈欠
presume 推測
argue 爭吵
knock 批評
retrieve 取回
terrify 威脅  
wander 漫步
assemble 組裝
tempted 誘惑
above 在...之上
Arise 出現
demonstrating 展示
brag 吹牛
convey 傳達
depict 描述
upset 惹...生氣  打亂
alert 提醒
overwhelm 壓倒
drooling 流口水
hint  提示
spin 旋轉
bow 鞠躬
packing 打包行李
restrain 抑制
yell 喊叫
accuse 控告
quiver 發抖  可無一ㄇ
coddling 溺愛
Sort  分類
dwindle 逐漸減少  ㄉㄨ伊恩斗
retort 反駁
scar 刮
evade 逃避
crush 暗戀
roast 酸人  烤肉
perform 表演
equal 等於
disrupt 中斷

Smear 抹黑
refer 查詢 參考 提及 涉及
reflect 反映
spread  散佈
pour 倒(茶)
dump 倒(垃圾)
debate 辯論
squat 蹲
ought 應該
defer 延期
fulfill 滿足
indulge 犒賞
expand 擴展
contradict 反駁 康楚爾蒂
verify 驗證
theorize 推理
weigh 量(體重)
adorn 裝飾
found 創立
refreshed 補充 提神
assure 確信
Revolt 反抗
vanish 消失
advise 建議
visit 拜訪
cite 提到

dodge 閃開
value 重視  尊重 珍惜
emulate 趕上 ㄟㄇU類特
outweigh 比...重要
emphasize 強調 ㄟ嗯ㄈ賽
extend 延長
render 提供
overlook 眺望

bend  彎曲
amuse 娛樂
tie 綁起來
neglect 忽略
trim 修剪
ail 生病
tease 戲弄 取笑
multiply 乘
lies 位於
acquaint 了解
descent 下降
strain 拉緊
push 逼迫
dial 撥
assembly 組合
whine  發牢騷
kid 取笑  欺騙
wrap 包裝
fight 吵架
diagnose 診斷
plans  打算
carry  攜帶
blame 責怪
hold 舉行
attempt 企圖
aid  幫助
punish 處罰
occupy 占據
Harsh 苛求

insist 堅持
lift 提高
drop 降低
flatter 奉承
tilt 傾斜
pierce 刺穿
exclude 排除
lend  借(給我)
dig 挖
differ 不同
illustrate 圖解 衣了死翠特
counteract 抵制
mount 登上  貓特
approach 接近
touring 遊覽
annoy 騷擾 打擾
sip 啜飲
fasten 繫好
boast 自誇
dip 盛(一瓢湯)
Beat 打敗
Through 穿過 透過
Past 經過
abolish 廢除  爾巴理許
amend 修訂
regain 恢復
stimulate 刺激
Conceal 隱瞞
gasp 喘氣
along 沿著
err 犯錯
scratch  抓
induce 引誘
adapt 使...適應
insult 汙辱
forge 偽造
Dilettante三分鐘熱度的人 地了ㄊㄟ梯
Disorder   使...失調
disguise 偽裝  抵死蓋
divide into 分成 D賣的
mimic  模仿
subscribe 訂閱
publicize 宣傳  啪ㄅ李賽
cross 越過
submit 繳交
involve 捲入  牽涉
seek 尋找
intimidate 威嚇 印踢ㄇday
treat 對待
tickle 搔(癢)
undermine 損害
rupture 破裂 如阿ㄆ去耳
allege 宣稱 耳類舉
advocate 主張
interfere 干涉
spur 鼓勵    刺激   死ㄆ
invoke 祈求
pollute  汙染  糟蹋
inherit 繼承  音嘿如一
attain 得到
generate 產生
confront 對抗 肯放特
devote 貢獻
Swap 交換
execute 執行 A吸Q
seduce 勾引
vie 爭取  賣
sustain 支撐 捨死ㄊㄟ嗯
soothe  安慰
Pry 打聽
oversee 監視
rub  揉, 塗  抓
scold 罵
enlarge 擴大
envy  羨慕
urge 催
indicate指示  指出
admire 佩服  崇拜  誇獎
enroll 登記
miss 懷念
expose 揭露

repay 報答
wave 揮著
Pat 輕拍
prod 刺
spit 吐
elevate 舉起 A裡美特
grab 抓住
Drop  放下
twist the knob 轉門把
scorn 藐視
bully 欺負
blast 爆炸
deprive 剝奪
allot 分配
detain 耽擱
drew 畫
boost 加強
remain 保持
depart 出發
pile 累積
relieve 減輕
resolve 消除
soar 暴漲
reveal 顯露 洩漏
review 複習
extinguish 熄滅
gaze 凝視
stabilize 穩定
tuck 塞進
aggravate 惡化 ㄟ果沒
provoke 挑釁
wipe 擦
crawl 爬
protest 抗議
memorize 記住
Object 目標   反對  阿ㄅg
nod 點(頭)
operate 操作
propose 提議
Lasted 維持
Predict 預測
sting 叮
merge 合併
polish 擦亮
scatter 撒(種子)
persuasion 勸導
chew 咀嚼
gradual 逐漸 鬼就
segregate 隔離 誰ㄍ如一ㄍㄟ特
preach 宣揚
please 討好  取悅
Applaud 向...鼓掌 耳po
ease 減少
perky 精神好
awesome 精彩
stiff 僵硬
broad 寬
hearty 熱烈
inherent 天生
swallow 淺
cautious 謹慎
bimbo 瞎妹
word 中肯
swag 很屌
thoughtful 體貼
odd 奇怪的
fragile 脆弱   費九
easygoing= 很好相處的
outgoing= 外向的
discourage 氣餒
ashamed 慚愧  丟臉
eligible 合格
misguided 誤導
stable 穩定
tame 溫馴
various 各種
reputable 有信譽的
desperate 絕望
vile 可惡
upper 上面的
dim 暗
clear 明顯
unconditionally 無條件的
macho 有男子氣概 馬球
Spare 空閒
scruffy 邋遢
temptation 令人心動的
annual 年度的
swift 迅速的
dull 笨
aloud 大聲的
valuable 珍貴的
brief 短暫的
complex 複雜
scared 害怕
odd 奇怪
vast 廣闊
passive 被動
poor  窮 可憐
Disturbing 令人不安
faulty  有缺陷的

Endangered 有危險
Gorgeous 美極了  勾g兒死
Essential 必要的
tasteless 沒味道
Fragile 脆弱 易碎  飛酒
Barely 很勉強
Crude 沒水準
clingy 黏人
vicious 惡毒的 V虛爾死
neat 真棒
assertive 有主見
Ordeal 折磨
ashame 慚愧
disgrace 丟臉
ambitious 有雄心的
urgent 緊急
impatient 不耐煩
upset 苦惱的
itchy 很癢
mass 大量
profitable 充實
preference 偏好的
articulate  口才好
bewildeved 搞糊塗
evenly 平均的
grief 悲痛
indifferent 不在乎
spectacular 壯麗 死配ㄊㄟQ了
brilliant 太有才華了
fabulous 妙極了
concise 簡潔 肯賽死
skinny 瘦
slim 苗條
naughty 頑皮
wholesome 有益身心健康
stale 不新鮮
fierce 激烈
tragic 慘
memorable 難忘
inevitable 不可避免
economical 節檢的 一可納米口
exact 確切的
common 普通 平常
abundant 大量的
cutting edged 最新
prominent  顯眼
proper 適合
lousy 差勁
painful 痛
Scrupulous細心 死哭ㄆU了死
cold on the outside, passionate on the inside 悶騷
liberal 自由的  開放    李ㄅ肉
elusive 難懂 一鹿吸
Compatible 相配
devious 心機重
Good nature 善良
outright 徹底的
active 積極
slightly 輕微
modest 謙虛 嗎低死特
savage 粗魯 誰VG
stunned  震驚

solemn 嚴肅 殺冷
rash 輕率
compassionate 有同情心的 肯配訊你特
paranoid 偏激  神經質
blurry 模糊
Cut and dry 呆板
Infuriating令人生氣的  硬夫u如ㄧㄟㄊ硬
Rare 難得的
grand 雄偉的
thick 厚 粗
thin 薄  細
steady 穩定
mess 亂
anxiety 焦慮 ㄟ恩ㄖ哀兒梯
famous  有名
infamous 無恥 應非ㄇ死
novelty 新奇
kindness 仁慈
hospitable  好客的  哈死pㄊㄅ歐
cost effective划算
hearty 熱烈
alike 相似
weary 疲倦 屋一如一
strict 嚴格
readlily 欣然
elegant 優雅
slippery 滑
bold 大膽 ㄅ歐
luxury 豪華  奢侈  拉噓兒如ㄧ
polite 有禮貌
rude 不禮貌
credible 可信的
sinister 邪惡 吸你死特
Unbearable 無法忍受的
Critical 挑剔的
inferior 低劣的
brave 勇敢
Timid 膽小

tremendous 極大的 處兒men的死
pungent 刺鼻 胖G嗯
outspoken 坦率
inspire 鼓舞
dogged 頑強 兜ㄍ依
outrageous 可惡 奧瑞g兒死
vivacious 活潑 V沒虛而死
dubious 可疑
avid 熱心的
appetizing 開胃的
generous慷慨 絕ㄋ如兒死
lovely 可愛
earnest 認真 ㄜ你死特
dreary 沉悶 豬一耳如一
Nefarious 惡劣 你飛如ㄧ兒死
Underhanded 狡猾
unpalatable 難吃的 阿恩配了特ㄅ歐
morbid 令人毛骨悚然
Competent 能幹的 康ㄆㄊㄣ
diligent 勤勞的滴李軍
exaggerated 誇張   椅子ㄖㄟg兒瑞
fragrant 香 飛滾
smelly 臭
soft  溫柔的 軟
pliable 順從
roughly 粗暴的
miserable 不幸的
melancholy 憂鬱  美冷卡莉
emptiness 空虛
ornate 華麗的 歐內特
vulgar 俗氣 嗎歌
remarkable 驚人  了不起
Novel 奇妙的
shattered 震驚
crisp 脆
kindly  友善
appetizing 開胃的 Aㄆ太ㄖ硬
considerable 可觀的
chaotic 混亂 k阿踢可
childish 幼稚
wide 寬
narrow 窄
loose 鬆
tight 緊
hard 硬

tough 堅強
humble 謙遜
winding 彎曲
packed 擁擠的  滿了
dope 很屌
moist 潮濕

remote 遠
solid 堅固  整整

intolerable 不能忍受的
outstretched 伸長的
Torturous  痛苦的  頭去兒死  
shock 震驚
adjoining 相鄰的
pricey 貴
starving 飢餓的
Plain 單純
definite 確定的
inadequate 不夠完善 應A的可如一
latest 最新
superificial 膚淺
vanity 虛榮
sore 痠痛
absurd 荒繆
Beloved   親愛的
liable 有義務的  易於
greasy 油膩的 ㄍ如一系
whiny 愛抱怨
Excessive 太過頭
rational 合理的
remorse 自責
adverse 不利的
overjoyed 超爽
inherent 天生 硬ㄏ一如嗯
tender 嫩的
easygoing 很好相處
Dicey 不可靠   戴西
Vulnerable 易受傷的 貓呢如兒ㄅㄡ
brief 短暫的
Adequately 適當的 ㄟ的可weㄊ理
sucks 很爛
impolite 沒禮貌
wicked 邪惡
deliberate 慎重的
inadvertent 無心
Clout 有影響力
docile 乖
gratified 滿足的
alternative 替代的
mean 小氣   代表

murder 真是要命
pale 蒼白
foul    髒的  犯規  髒話
Pesky 討厭的
blue 憂愁
inadequate 自卑 ㄧ內地可無餓
Speechless 說不出話
routine 例行的
tiny 小
Popular 受歡迎  流行的
communal 公共的
lit 很強  很狂
salty 難過
addictive 令人上癮
backslide  退步
doomed 完蛋
wise 聰明的
genetic 遺傳
queasy 噁心
latest 最新
shortage 缺少
murder 超難的事
former 前任
snap 崩潰
distinct 不同
prosperous 繁榮 ㄆㄨㄚ私ㄆ如而死
sensible 明智
specific 明確 死ㄆ西free
shallow 淺
talkative 多嘴
surplus 過剩的
offbeat 不尋常
gross 噁心 總共的
arrogant 傲慢 ㄟ如兒跟
unyielding 頑強
pushy 愛催人
conceited 自負
desent 品行端正 地神
bitter 苦
speeding 疾駛的
cliche 老套  可麗雪
sticky 黏
devoted 忠實的
prude 保守
mandatory 強制
sly 狡猾
mad 瘋了
regular 標準的
awful 可怕  
delicate   脆弱  day了可
subjective 主觀的
fuzzy 模糊
awesome 精彩
respective 各自
initiative 主動的 一你需而踢

profound 深奧
moderate 溫和 嗎的瑞

stuck up 自大的
Rusty 荒廢 生鏽
glum 沮喪
honorable 崇高
overzealous 太過熱衷

purposely 故意
exactly 到底
Furtively 偷偷的 夫兒體李
Inevitably 難免
eventually 終究
accidentally 不小心的
insanely 瘋狂的
certainly 絕對
Reluctantly 不情願的
merely 純粹只是
currently 正在
randomly 隨便的
generally 一般的
desperately  拼命的
badly 嚴重的
greatly 大大地
practically 幾乎是
team up with 與...合作
light up 點火
Lighten up放輕鬆
burn up 燒掉
Kiss up to me 對我拍馬屁
what up 怎麼了
hurry up 快點
signing up 報名
eat up 吃光
open up 坦白一點   引發
fold up 摺疊
Picks up 好轉
burn up 燒掉 報名
mixed up 被混淆
Use up用光了
speed up 開快一點
show up 出現
stay up 熬夜

bear with me 請等我一下
it was sick  超屌的啦
I nailed it 我做到了
I don't buy it 我才不相信你
I feel you 我懂你

annoyingly funny 靠北

Is Proven 被證明是
Supposedly 被認為是    據說
simply 簡直是
don't tell me it is 難道是
oh my god it is 居然是
roughly 大概是
mainly 主要是
possibly 可能是
probably 很可能是
can't be 不可能是
Definitely 絕對是
happen to be剛好是
Turned out to be原來是
he derserve to be 他不愧是
used to be  曾經是


exhausted 累死
furious 氣死
hilarious 笑死
overjoyed 爽死
freezing  冷死
starving  餓死
frightened 怕死
drowning 忙死
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