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Dota 2 官方說明近來遊戲中的連線問題

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Recently we've seen some players experiencing significant network issues across multiple regions, in particular US East and Europe West. We thought we'd take a moment to update you on what we've been doing in this space, because it's such an important issue.

通常這些問題會是伺服器承載力不足或者連線品質不良所造成的。但就此例來看,問題將會完全歸咎於連線品質、且又會分成三種不同類型。其中兩種一個會與「分散式阻斷服務(DDoS)攻擊有關,另一個則是和「網路服務提供業者 (ISP)」的連線能力有關。

These kinds of problems generally stem from either limited server capacity or poor network connectivity. In this case, the problems are entirely connectivity related, and they come in three different forms – two of them are related to DDoS, and one is ISP connectivity.



The first, DDoS attacks on an entire data center for a region, are particularly problematic because they saturate the entire connection into the data center. This is a very recent type of attack that has been plaguing a variety of high profile games. It causes players to freeze up or drop entirely because as their network packets reach the data center, the link has no room to accept them and they are dropped. In the short term we are forced into being reactive to these attacks on a case by case basis, while building out a long term infrastructure to bring better stability and protection.


我們最近已更新了 Dota 2、Dota TV 伺服器,以及 Steam 平台本身來讓它們能夠更好地去保護伺服器的網路地址。我們同時也改善了遊戲中的區域大廳系統以讓這個功能可以更有效的做為賽事的防備措施,以防它們因人為疏失或第三方軟體等其它因素洩漏出去。

The second, directed attacks on a single server, is one that we've released various fixes for over the past month. These attacks largely targeted pro players or tournaments. The primary problem in those cases was the ability for an attacker to pinpoint the exact IP address of the target game server, which allowed them to successfully attack it with a small set of resources. We’ve recently updated Dota 2, Dota TV servers, and Steam itself to better protect that IP address. We have also improved the local lobby system so it can function as a better fail safe for tournaments, in case the IP address leaks out through other means, such as human error or third party software.

第三種,造就連線品質的「連線力 (Connectivity)」。這個問題的起因是部分玩家的網路服務提供業者與遊戲伺服器之間不斷出現連接問題。而雖然這個問題在過去這段時間也有於世界各地出現,但它在東南亞地區以及南美洲地區格外明顯而這個問題的解決途徑便會落在網路服務提供業者身上,他們也要求我們為導致玩家遭遇這些連線問題的確切原因提供更深入的資訊。因此,我們已於本週完成實施一個更為詳細的網路監控系統,好從玩家們那蒐集更加深入的「連線數據 (Connectivity data)」。

The third, network connectivity issues, result in some players having continuous networking problems between their ISP and our game servers. For quite a while this has been most visible in the South East Asia and South America regions, but does exist with other ISPs around the world. Finding the right solution with every region, and its local ISPs, requires us to have more detailed data on exactly why our players are experiencing these issues. So, this week we've finished implementation of a more advanced network monitoring system that will automatically gather much deeper connectivity data from all our players.

連線品質的好壞攸關著玩家們在 Dota 2 中的遊戲體驗。因此隨著我們一邊著手處理此事的根本問題,我們也正在一邊著手降低這類問題的影響;遊戲在本週的更新中將包括改良遊戲對於不良網路品質的偵測性。

之前的不良網路品質偵測系統僅會在多位玩家與遊戲伺服器完全失去連接時觸發。而這個系統在經過改寫後現在將會實際去監控伺服器對玩家們的連接品質,然後直接在偵測到有多位玩家的連線情況不良時觸發。被遊戲標記為「不良連線情況 (Poor Network Conditions)」的場次將會立即進入不計算玩家該場戰績的「安全離開」狀態。

Good networking connectivity is a requirement for a good Dota 2 experience. While we work on the core problem, we’re also working on reducing its effects – this week’s update includes improved detection of Poor Network Conditions. Previously, our detection algorithm was only triggered when multiple players completely lost connection to the game server. This new algorithm will now monitor the actual quality of the server’s connection to its players, and trigger in the case of poor connectivity for multiple players. Matches flagged as having Poor Network Conditions will be immediately safe to leave, and won’t record their results.

2014 十一月 18 - Dota 營運團隊
November 18, 2014 - Dota Team

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