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X-Trap & HGWC Troubleshooting - Updated 31-03-2011
by WaffleOfDoom » Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:34 pm

Feel free to ask for support in this thread. There are enough helpful members willing to help you if needed.
More information and possible suggestions about the "Hacking Trial Detected" that might help you, can be found in the 2nd post.

Small Overview:

1. Codefield 01-0400-00000000-701
2. Codefield 02-0300-00000424-502
3. Codefield 02-0300-00000000-211
4. Codefield 02-0400-00000000-530
5. Codefield 05-0400-00000000-203
6. Codefield 08-0400-00000000-509
7. Codefield 08-0400-00000000-516
8. Codefield 10-0300-00002EE7-200
9. Codefield 10-0300-800401E4-104
10. Codefield 08-0400-00000000-517
11. Codefield 10-0300-00002EFD-146
12. Codefield 50-0300-00000000-602
13. Timed out waiting For Initialing XTrap-Engine Error
14. Game doesn't start after HGW shield step 10
15. File is changed W [2007] L [0] S4Client.exe Error


1. (Solution by Jagi)

There are some other programs that have problems with xTrap or the other way round.
Known programs are:

* Comodo
* ThreatFire
* Sunbelt
* Agnitium Outpost Firewall Pro
* IObit Security 360

The problem with xTrap can be solved by closing down the software mentioned above.
If just closing down doesn't make the problem go away, try to uninstall it.

*Note: You are unprotected when closing down and/or uninstalling these programs.

2. (Unconfirmed solution by ZeroZaku)

This error message from the Firewall settings or does not provide settings for Windows Administrators.

*Turning your firewall off
*Make sure you're running as Windows Administrator.
**If you're not running as Administrator:
*Sign off Windows.
*Log in to your Administrator account.

*Note 1: For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users: Navigate to your S4 League Folder, right click on HGWC, properties, click on the compatibility tab, check 'Run this program as admin'.
*Note 2: You can also use the above note info, on S4Client, and S4 Patcher.

3. (Unconfirmed possible solution)

This error is likely to occur in the presence of virtual devices installed on the system, like:

*Daemon Tools
*Alcohol 120% /52%
*Virtual Clonedrive

Solution: Disable or turn off any CD/DVD burning software / virtual drives / emulator software before running S4 League.

4. (Solution by ZeroZaku)

Close any program which is affecting the game client. Third-party programs such as NetLimiter cause the interference. Uninstall NetLimiter. Try also to shut down other third-party programs.

5. (Solution by ZeroZaku)

Crack, Cheat, or Debug programs are working on your pc. Close third-party programs and scan the computer for viruses.

6. (Solution by joaomaradao)
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original is 601x200.

This error is caused by Ati Tray Tools (or similar background programs that change the playingfield) which attempt to connect to S4 League. In Ati Tray Tool's case, it was the 'FPS Counter' which caused this error. XTrap flagged it as abnormal thus blocking S4 League from launching. Disabling this 'FPS Counter' feature was enough to stop the errors. But in other cases you might need to close the background/3rd party programs completely.

*Other examples are Fraps and Gamecam.

7. (Possible solution by GuruPoland)

GuruPoland reported his problem got fixed when he installed Service Pack 3.

8. (Solution by ZeroZaku)

X-Trap program can not connect to patch server. Set your firewall and your antivirus program to allow the X-Trap program.

9. (Possible solution)

1 - Delete your X-Trap, HShield and HGWC folder from your S4 League Folder.
2 - Please download the HGWC.exe + HShield + X-Trap folder from the links below.
3 - Please download the S4L client.exe + S4_patcher from the links below.
4 - Copy all files over to your S4 League folder and overwrite your old files if needed.
5 - Relaunch the game!

10. (Possible solution)

Close or uninstall all programs affecting the game client. Software like NetLimiter, antiviruses and recording programs cause disturbances.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original is 601x198.

X-Trap can not connect to the patch servers. Make sure your firewall and antivirus allow X-Trap to launch.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original is 601x200.

Concrete solution follows.

Timed out waiting For Initialing XTrap-Engine

Follow this post
(Also see solution 14)

Game doesn't start after HGW shield step 10

The following updates for Internet Explorer 8 conflict with X-Trap

The first update contains the others, if you don't install that, the windows updater will offer the second update..

If you have this issue, first try to remove these updates then reboot. If the game still doesn't work:

- If you installed the IE8 first and then the SP3, reinstall the service pack.
- If you installed the SP3 first and then the IE8, reinstall the Internet Explorer.

Be careful when updating, do not install the updates mentioned above and keep in mind that there's a chance that future Cumulative Security Updates for Internet Explorer 8 might cause trouble like this.

15. w[2007] L[2] [Insert name of the "missing" file] error by Kikiel

For those who are having this problem: w[2007] L[2] [Insert name of the "missing" file]
The solution to this problem is doing a “manual patch”, here is the link with each separated file:

HWGC.exe + X-Trap Folder
Mirror 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YC12J326 (Updated 31/03/2011)

S4Client.exe + patcher_s4.exe + selfupdate_s4.exe
(This is only the .exe file, the whole game is a bit down here, called Full S4Client)
Mirror 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RJLTVS6C (Updated 31/03/2011)

Resource.S4HD + Latest _resource files.
Mirror 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8K16M3WC (Updated 31/03/2011)

Full S4Client
Mirror 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PWKOND8Y (Updated 31/03/2011)

All files (except the resource files) should be placed in the S4 League folder.
[C/program files/alaplaya/s4League]

The resource files should be placed in the _resources folder.
[C/program files/alaplaya/s4League/_resources]

NOTE: Resource.S4HD should be placed in C/program files/alaplaya/s4league.
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